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Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Paid Online System


Well this is odd.

Before I read any of the details, all I could say was NO NO NO NO NO... Nintendo why would you mess this up so poorly? And i am still kind of in that camp as I have no clue how much this will cost and how much extra content there really is going to be added through a paid online structure.

But that was my inital thoughts.

Reading the details... I kind of think this could be neat in that it has a lot of intergration for people that are serous about spending time playing games. As being able to set dates, times, for gaming meeting that would sync with your phone could help you a ton to organize playing games with your friends without having to wait for people to log onto their system in order to get their friends attention.

For me this could be huge as I have friends and you guys, and it would allow you to get in contact with me faster and set up more spontaneous gaming with friends.

What I find really interesting is geting online P2 support for VC titles. Since the last time I played a game with a friend we both had tons of free time and were able to meet at a secure location and blast a few hours at a time at Contra Hard Corps, I am actually really excited about getting Online Multiplayer with friends. Plus that basically means I could do more stuff with my friends than I currently do... but I hope that its more of an invite thing so if your friend does not have the game you have the system just let them play with you online.

As much as I will probably hate buying my games again and paying for online... But online features for VC titles would be amazing.

What makes this so much more different than the jump from Wii to Wii U is that there seems to be a lot more extra features to the titles and they are actually going deeper into the online aspects of the VC titles can provide. This also means that there will probably some kind of online support for VC titles such as Leaderboards and possible online competitions.

As long as the services are less than or equal to $15 I think it would be more than fair for the option to download a NES and a SNES game every month. Considering getting the actual games is most of the time more expensive than buying the game online. Whith all the online feature it would really provide a lot of extra content that really makes the game better than just playing a rom. Because the problem with emulators is that you simply cannot emulate the community... I know some emulators allow online features but again with the inclusion of leaderboards and other feature on Nintendo Online Services will only make doing such sub par as it woun't have the authenticity of a Nintendo community verfied scores. Much like the AVS such features not only are important to the hardcore community, but it really make even these older games feel more modern with such features.

I still have a lot of questions: What about Wii Ware? What about costs?  What about all the non-Nintendo-system games I bought? Will those too be reduced prices?

Not many answers but I am sure we will hear more soon.

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