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The thing that I hope mobile game developers add.


It is not a strange fact that gaming has taken a very different direction once smart phones were able to do things beyond simply opening SMS service and Web 1.0.


It is literally crazy what we are able to do with such small devices and while the PC elite would cringe at me when I would point this out that we are walking around with fully functional computers in our pockets and the terminology “smart” phone is really only nostalgic semantics of an age of communication that has long since passed in late double zeros.

Even now I am typing this on a Bluetooth keyboard, which is nothing new in a sense of technology but the fact that my phone can use it as split second fast interface really shows that while the Microsoft Edge was a good idea for beefy tablets. Any device today can take advantage of the core concept of adding a keyboard to gain the majority of the functions people need in a laptop.


Which is also now an out of date term. Because it is the culmination of a desktop computer in a lap… But now everyone's devices have all the power of a desktop in the form of a hand held device. 

Either way, this is really getting me excited about how modular the world is becoming. Nintendo for as crazy they can be sometimes is leading in the forefront of modular add one with tablet like devices that has really brought to light some of the issues with traditional controls as you had to stick with one format without being able to change it without using a screw driver and really getting deep into the controller to swap parts. (Though I totally get that they did not invent it but they have made this type of design seemingly popular)

Isn't it sad that my Cell Phone has more cores than the PC I use to edit 4K footage?

Anyway, I think phones are more commonly going to have attachments from now on. As the prices of keyboards, stylus, and other devices continue to drop as technology advances. So what in tarnation does that mean for gaming?


Well, I really hope that will mean keyboard support for mobile games. Not everyone is going to have a controller but I am more than sure in the future the tablet + keyboard combo is going to be more than common and I always prefer buttons over touch controls when it comes to classic games on mobile devices. Some do it well but when it comes to action platforming… touch controls don’t cut it. I hope this means that more of the local multiplayer revolution can join the cell phone community and also just means better options in general.

So adding support for the Keyboard would be great.

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