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My Nine


I must apologize if this video is too artistic and somewhat creepy, here is another video if you need to cleanse your ears.

To be honest I was not looking forward to this post. There is simply more than Nine people on the site that I really enjoy. All of these are community members I really liked. I would love to write a whole piece on the amazing staff that works hard to keep this site working, just know I have not forgotten you!!! I just though it would be nice to highlight some people I enjoyed talking with. This list is probably as of recent as I have been on this site for eons and I ahv eme

9) BennyDisco - I feel bad because I was in Ohio the whole time last year... could have bought him a sandwich... or a big mac.

8) Pixelated Cloud - You are following me, which I really appreciate. I hope you are doing well!

7)Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon - I connected with you in our shared likes of Mega Man and the supreme disapointment in Capcom.

6) The Scholarly Gamer - Just a really up beat person that like to have fun and write about video games. Also has an addiction to pre-ordering game XD

5) Luck Required - What can I say? I just had a lot of fun talking with you on the C-blogs! Knew you had to be cool when you created your own encyclopedia for C-bloging, and that God Hand post :D

4) Nanashi - It was really cool seeing you on the blogs and helping encouraging you to continue :)

3) LongJohn - I really do not know what to say? I though you had left when you changed your picture and I was very sad for a month thinking about the cool guy that I had some really meaningful discussions with.

2) Occams - What is there not to say? I think there has not been one topic that you have not discussed on this website and it is wonderful! I really enjoyed your humor and I am very glad that you are the community manager.

1) _______________________________________________________________  - I hate to miss anyone, and I know for sure that there were times where I had hoped that I had made a big enough impact on the community to make it onto other people's lists. That is why I saved the #1 spot for the people I have not listed, because I think this community as a whole is neat.

So please do not take offense that you were not on the list, if you want you can print this out and write your name in, it is intentionally left blank :)

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