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My name is Rene , I�m 16 years old and I�m from Bryan, Tx. I have always loved gaming but it wasn�t untill about a year ago that I really started to appreciate and love gaming for all the good times it has brought me. My parents aren�t into gaming like I am so they rarely ever get me any meaning I am extremely behind in games I need to play. I have always had only Nintendo systems but I am trying to experience as many games from as many systems as possible. Right now I have a Wii and a DS but hopefully I can get a 360 and ps3 to play all those games I�ve been missing. I came across Destructoid one day as I was looking for info on E3 2009. I read through a few articles and c'blogs and instantly fell in love with the site�s sense of humor and maturity. Well that�s all I can come up with at the moment. Thanks Dtoid!!

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