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howdy friendos. I'm headed to Anime NYC this for work this weekend, so if any Dtoiders will be at the show, holler at me.


ya'll I can't stop playing Destiny 2. anyone else playing on Steam?


Destructoid, I miss you. Also, I finally bought a Switch -- turns out it is a good system after all.


I just reactivated my ff14 sub after taking 6-ish months off. Any Dtoid folks playing? I could use some friends as I try to remember how the heck Bards work


Any dark souls remastered people playing on steam available right now? I wanna trade my BSS to a different character and need a friend to mule stuff around for a second.


Dtoiders: if anyone wants to co-op some Dark Souls Remastered on Steam, let me know! I'm chilling at the Undead Parish most of the afternoon


Meek Mill is free. Today is a Good Day.


Do you love writing about games but struggle with putting all your great ideas into a cohesive blog? Crave feedback but fear rejection? I'll edit you! Leave a comment if you want an editorial eye a blog. If you want to improve, I'm here to help!


Happy Friday. I'm now officially on Spring Break. That's one whole week without stupid papers to write! To celebrate, I want to give someone a Steam copy of FTL. First person to reply with their Steam id (so i can send it) gets the game. <3


Where the Water Tastes Like Wine's writing is so good it almost makes me mad. Please play this game:23 people contributed to it, pulling from folklore and US history. It's beautiful. Also, you can read my review on the FP, but my words don't do it justice


It's friday. I've been down in the dumps lately. So lemme try and do something nice: Who wants a closed alpha key for Hunt: Showdown. First reply gets it, just make sure your computer can handle it!


finally made it to Heavensward. Final Fantasy is a good, good game yall


Right -- I hate to be that guy, but the holidays are coming up, I'm broke, and Id like to buy gifts for my family this year. So, Im looking to sell some of my PS/PS2 games. If you're looking for the Shadow Hearts Trilogy, hmu. Additional games in replies!


I'm hoping to speak with a few people who play WoW on private vanilla servers for an upcoming story. If you know anyone who'd be down to talk, let me know! (Happy friday)


i'm gonna boot Destiny 2 up soon. Ya'll can (and should) add me so we can play together. my blizzard/whatever id is wutangclam#1499


I think i could kick a fox's ass. could you beat up a fox? https://medium.com/@rayporreca/animals-i-could-beat-in-a-fight-ranked-volume-1-foxes-3dbef4c1536c


*extremely laura palmer voice* Meanwhile.


Hurry up and get your questions in for this week's Podtoid! Please! Ask shit about scary stuff, or games, or about my fourteen days of housesitting. Post is linked in the comments


Happy weekend y'all. Anyone have any exciting plans?


missed the actual date but i just realized that i've been a dtoid staffer for a year now. thanks for the support gang


Yo check out the first official piece of D-Team art! Shit's rad!!


Watching out D-Team video with closed captions and I am so in love with this one. Praise the nice thick sickle


Today marks the publication of my 100th post as a Dtoid staffer. I started to write a long blog post about the milestone, but I couldn't make the words come out right. Instead, take this qpost and my most sincere thanks to everyone who reads my shit<3<3<3


I started playing FF14 last week. I'm playing on the Goblin server, does anyone want to be my friend?


SGDQ's pre-show just started. NieR run around 1PM EST. Tune in. You can watch the stream a bunch of places, but I embedded it to our Front Page post if you wanna chat in the comments <3 https://www.destructoid.com/speedrunning-marathon-summer-games-done-q


Finally got around to building a pc, so if any community folks wanna play PUBG or something this week, lemme know!


Do any of you lovely Dtoiders play Elder Scrolls Online? The Morrowind expansion thing has me interested, so I'm considering grabbing a used PS4 copy of the base game for cheap to check it out. Curious to hear people's thoughts.


It's my birthday. We're recording Podtoid. We Need Questions!!!!! Send 'em here, or to the Front Page post (if that's live right now)


Happy Sunday, Dtoid. I hope everyone's getting day-drunk and having a good time today


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