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Raiku's Haiku's #2: The Fuck YouTube Edition


Hello, Raiku here with some very sexy haikus here. I make a couple of haikus every once in awhile cause I'm nice. Right now I'm very pissed at YouTube for their dumbass policy they just put in place yesterday so here's one about that.


YouTube run by apes.

Dumb, brain dead moronic apes.

Eat a bag of shit.


Oh yeah, that makes me feel better. Speaking of YouTube I love reviews of those crappy mockbuster films. One of my favorites is the one on Ratatoing by Scarfulu.


In fact at 7:30 he says something that sounds very close to a haiku. So I'm gonna change it into one.


I hate your eyebrows.

I think they look like duck feet.

Die in a fire.


There we go, baby. That feels good. Like photo finish good. I'm actually enjoying doing these. Just remember to like, comment and subscribe. Also sign up for Raikucrate and use the promo code RAIKUISTHECHAMPION to get the square root of €12 taken off your order. You now get a box full of those little stakes with the ribbon on them you find on the side of roads.

- Dick pics for all.

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