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I thought it waw over but I'm still Robo Panda Z on the frontpage. :-/ Sure, it's an improvement overall, but ...


Yup yup, it seems the frontpage has decided that I am Robo Panda Z. There's also one QPost where I can be Zalno, another where I can be Robo Panda Z (too) and one where I'm Scion Vyse. It seems Pat has been me too. Lol I guess ? Bye for now !


After my accidental brush with peanut butter a while ago I decided to look for the stuff again. It's harder to find here than expected when some store isn't doing an "America !" theme. I found this one at a supermarket, I love the packaging.


It's NieR-ly time ! (no time to play it today)


Meet RONMO, Relief Of Not Missing Out, FOMO's lil' cousin ! When you get a thing mostly because it used to be scarce and expensive ...


There's a distinct chance that last battle against Octolings in the story mode of Splatoon 3 will cost me my sanity.


They heard about Splatoon 3 and wanted out.


I may have won but I have to admit, Sheldon had the nicer game.


Always on the lookout for some motivation to draw a thing. Here I tried to channel Inquisitive Ravenclaw's original character for "some" reason. (sorry for how trashy the text looks)


Got some mail today. Funny how one place can fail to deliver your game for a dozen days in a row and another get it to your mailbox the very next day. Better late than never I guess. Diofield was a surprise, I completely forgot the release date.


It sucks, the counter knows !


Wow ! NoddyXMickey Mouse ! Super Smash bros. ain't got nothing on the park's wee train ride ! #crossoverfriday


I met this cool little guy(?) a couple days ago. He(?) was fascinated by my dog and kept following us from up on fences. #caturday


Oh, come on. :-( Too bad, the drawing was nice. On the good side one thing I like about Splatoon 3 is that it seems that you no longer need to link to a social media account to post doodles. Edit : lol, no, you still need to post on social media. :-(


I went there for Frogun since I got that KS voucher but I couldn't resist such an angsty/edgy/low effort boxart ... I remember hearing of Worse than Death but I don't even know how it turned out. I'm kinda stupid with my limited money I guess.


Wow, I'm tempted ! It's a Japanese version with most languages, it should release in December.


Scrolling here these past days it's come to my attention that it is a certain Gaj Knights Birth-day/week/extended-period-of-time. Happy Birth-extended-period-of-time. I did the following image using my limited knowledge of memery. Mom says it's nice.


I thought I'd share this tasteful piece of art I came upon today.


I guess the new wave of DLC for MK8 is finally live ? Not that I tried since this afternoon but I was surprised that no footage or anything was showing up.


So I've played some Frogun today, some six levels maybe, possibly more and I like it a lot. There's something about the blocky design that really excites my imagination. It feels neat and precise though it has issues. I'd love a level editor for that.


A guy called on the intercom today, he had the package with my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It seems the delivery person left it on the mailboxes of his appartment, some 30+ numbers down the street ... It's nice to see upstanding people like that ! :


What I'm trying to say is more people should be playing Ai:the Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative, a game with classy humour ... instead of boasting about how they got Xenoblade Chronicles 3 when my copy was "lost" in the mail.


Dog has the runs. 1am ... 5am ... Nice, I haven't been getting enough of not getting enough sleep lately. :-D


Hey Frogun KS backers ! As you may know LRG will be distributing Frogun physically. If you backed it and are entitled to a digital copy you can now exchange that copy for a voucher of equivalent value to redeem on LRGs website by filling a survey.


Not only bendy but probably won't even retain a solid form ! How are you even supposed to eat chocolate in these conditions ?


Remember last year's new low, Demon Throttle the exclusively physical Switch game only from some LE publisher ?


Nooo ! It's bending ! It's bending again ! It's bendy chocolate weather again ! (;_;)


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