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Coming July 28th in Europe, should be 44.99€, Switch and PS4. :-)


I know I just QPosted but some thing are too wonderful not to share.


For those interested in physical versions, Play Asia currently has the following games that I find interesting. FF and EO collections are still likely to go down in price so maybe wait. All are confirmed to have English. The code saves some change.


Nice !!! That was my favourite thing in the Direct ! March 9th, next week on thursday ! I think they said spring so I was expecting it much later. Can't wait !


Anime Girls, sci-fi, A-RPG ? You have my attention ! By Furyu, Coming West courtesy of NIS later this year.


I think I'm gonna try and upgrade my conversational skills studying with that guy.


Not sure anyone's got the money for these things but you know. Releases in April (20th I think), has English, the price includes taxes and shipping to Europe.


Mail from Australia ? I wonder what could be in the box ?


Yesterday I thought "hey, if bleach can fuck up your black tees then maybe you can use it to customize them !" I felt like a genius. Obviously I was just reinventing hot water. But here's a cool vid with effective methods and stuff.


Yaaaaaay ! Asia does it again ! Just don't look at the price too much, ok ?


Witness, witness my all important opinion that no one asked for about the Nintendo Direct !


A short Bayonetta Origins preview from GVG. It soundsmuch more interesting than what the bit from Bayo 3 had me expect.


I like the part near the end where he blames gamers. Fuckin' gamers ...


The hero we need these days :


Can't post pics ? Well I'll post a random video ! Hahaha, you can break me ! I mean can't, you can't break me !


For those interested, an Asia version of the new-old Fatal Frame, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse isnow available to preorder on Play-Asia at a much more acceptable ~60€/$ price. I'd post a pic but Dtoid won't let me. So it's in the comments.


Whassindabox ???


Best Birthday Wishes to one of my favourite freebie providers !


Hey Robo Panda Z ! Happy Bday ! Don't worry, enjoy the cake, I'm not trying to take over your identity on the frontpage (again), I swear ...


Good news for people who like their games to take up actual space !


I wish status.


I have no luck with shiny Pokémon, but look ! I think I just got one of those super rare faulty amiibo ! He's missing the left wing ! :-P


I thought to check my LRG account today and I must sayI got pretty excited for this soon to be shipped package.


Nothing like an afternoon of father/son bonding at the ER. 6 hours on and off that stool in the hallway, desperately looking up whenever a nurse/doc passes. Also there always seems to be that one person who screams for help. At least dad's ok.


Well, it's a quarter past midnight here in good old Paris, so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! Pic ... uhm ... I dunno.


Hey, Riff Raff, I did a tasteful collage of what I gather are some of your favourite things. Yes, you may use it as a template for your next tattoo, I don't mind ...


Everybody's doing these top ten posts about movies and I'm thinking ... eh, why not me ? Because I barely watch any movies and have no real interest in them ? C'mon, it's the internet, you don't need competence on the internet ...


Back in October amzn had a promo on some blu-ray movies, Ghibli movies among others, 2 for the price of one. It was a success and they ran out of this one until recently, one of the 4 I ordered (got all the others). Delivered today ... twice ???


Current status :


Nintendo did a thing too, it's strangely devoid of clear informatio., more in the comments but for now here's my GotY.


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