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Oh, damn, Ed Boon confirmed that someone from MK 4 will come back in MK 1! It got to be Reiko... right?! 👀 (But please, bring Mileena's lover back too, they deserve happiness in this new era!)


Sometimes YouTube's recommendations are good, and this time it introduced me to this lovely dark-fantasy RPG with... mermaids! I'm not a fan of underwater levels in games, but this feels like it could make me appreciate video game water!


Since I have nothing better to do, here's my kharacter wishlist for Mortal Kombat 1(2). But ah, it's a very good feeling when one of your favourites is already confirmed! More thoughts in the comments.


Is this the timeline where we'll finally get Mileena and Kitana as sisters rather than rivals? And Scorpion and Sub-Zero as best buds? Thank you, Fire God Liu Kang 🙌


Guerrilla finally found a way to fix the Aerial Capture North for (apparently) every player. And that means I now completed the trophy list for both the main Horizon: Forbidden West and its DLC 🙌 Aloy, enjoy your break - you deserve it, hon!


NetherRealm Studios published a video thanking all of the fans for making Mortal Kombat's 30th anniversary possible. 30 years, wow! Happy Birthday, MK! 🥳 At the end of the video, there's a "teaser" for MK 12, but it shows nothing, really lol


Horizon: Burning Shores review - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! 🤭😭🤗 10/10 Okay, maybe by Saturday I'll have recomposed myself enough to find more words. For now, since an image is worth a thousand words, I'll let Aloy speak in my place:


Perhaps you're tired of seeing my Forbidden West screenshots, but oh well. Aloy and I had just defeated a Slaughterspine, and while I waited for an opportunity to jump on another drone, I noticed she was gesturing and making some faces at me (comments)...


Exploring the Forbidden West, killing some dangerous machines, putting out rebellions, climbing to dazzling heights, discovering ancient artefacts... and having a good time with my girlfriend! (Pictures in the comments to avoid potential spoilers.)


Sad news today: Annie Wersching, the actress who gave life to Tess in The Last of Us - Part I, passed away this morning as a result of cancer. She was 45. Rest in Peace, Annie.


Lá dár saol é! An Cailín Ciúin makes history as the first Irish-language film to be nominated for the Best International Film category at the Oscars 🎉🧡 If you haven't watched it yet, I assure you it's a great film!


Contributing with one more post to the "Best of 2022" series! Here are my favourite films of 2022. In the comments, I'll share the best books I 'read' in 2022.


Huh, MUBI has joined the "wrapped" party. I didn't enjoy my (heavily) discounted 3 months as much as I wanted this year, but I enjoyed the films I did watch. Most of them, at least. Care to tempt me with another flash sale, Santa MUBI?!


Hades is my most played game this year - no surprises there (and safe to say I don't regret one second)! I've been playing Ragnarök for a little over a week, and it's my 3rd most-played game in the year, fun haha (2nd pic in comments)


So, technical question: is there a new way to add pictures to the blogs? I can't upload any, but I checked out other blogs and people seem to be uploading them all right. Maybe I'm just unlucky?!


A day later than expected, but it finally arrived! I'm gobsmacked at how fast games are downloaded, and the DualSense is the best video game controller I ever held. Played a wee bit of God of War Ragnarök before the lights went off, and I'm loving it too


The first trailer for this new Spider-Man film is quite good! I'm interested to see Kang again after his questionable first appearance. But considering what the MCU has been putting out, I refuse to be excited until I see reviews.


How was your week Dtoid? Any fun plans for the weekend? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know in this week's TGIF! https://www.destructoid.com/--662185.phtml#post


Happy The Last of Us Day! Unfortunately, no news of the multiplayer standalone game yet, but Naughty Dog dropped some cool new Part I GIFs and wallpaper: https://www.naughtydog.com/blog/the%20


Yay! They look like children now instead of teenager fashion models 💪🏻 Seriously though, I really hope this succeeds! Having Rick on board is a good sign, and from this teaser, it seems like Percy Jackson fans will finally have a good adaptation.


Hi, people. A terrible thing happened to a friend of mine: all his and his wife's stuff was stolen a couple of days ago, and now they're pretty much empty-handed. GoFundMe link in the comments so you can see the whole story. Thank you for your attention!


For the Saoirse Ronan's fan club (there's an informal SR fan club here on Dtoid in case you didn't know!), here's the first trailer for "See How They Run"! Love that Sersh is being allowed to speak in her real (and wonderful) accent :D


Lots of game companies have spoken against the atrocious decision made by the Shitty Court today. Among them, Bungie took a step further by announcing a travel reimbursement program. Link: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/51315


On Sunday, I started a new run on Mortal Shell to try and beat the game without any shells. Since this means everything kills you in one hit, I fully expected to give up before the first boss. Buuut three days later, and the trophy is mine! 🙌🏻🖤


Hey, folks! Coming here to share Backloggd with you. It's pretty much a Letterboxd for games, meaning it's a website where you can mark the games you've played/are playing, rate and review them, and so on. The community is still small, but it works well!


Finally remembered to check my PlayStation Wrap and... aye, disappointing, as expected 😂 I promised myself I'd try to do better this year (haven't touched Apex Legends yet, so that's progress!) 💪🏻


Today is Welsh Language Music Day! I don't have Welsh ancestry, but I've been learning about Wales and Welsh culture and I love it. To celebrate, I'll post a song here, and for those interested, I've posted others in the TGIF blog :D


When you expect to receive a Mileena Funko Pop as a birthday gift, then discover that the Queen brought even more wonderful treasures with her 😱😱 Thanks a million, Jetter Mars, be sure that these gifts made me very, very happy! 💖


Yes! Someone finally made the fanfic we were all dreaming of! A bit surprised it's an Australian film, but hey, I'm not complaining. Bring on the Ellie & Abby love for all The Last of Us true fans 💚


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