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Calm, Cool, and Collected


Hello everyone. It;s been awhile since I was here. When we last spoke, I had stated that my reason for leaving was about learning about the Gamergate scandal, and that the editoral staff at DToid were involved.

Well, is been a time, and sadly, #GG has gone the way of the dumbass, and even though I am still a supporter of the cause, I'm not bat-SH*T insane about it. Gamers and the gaming community reserve a fair and balanced, unbiased view, review of video games, and GamerGate at the time started out on this premise, but it has since been invaded by trolls and morons, who have turned the whole thing on it's head.

I'm not about that at all. I'm not a troll, and I'm certainally not a douchebag. I have no intention of going that route, and I wouldn't suggest anyone follow suit. So, after a lot of growing up, and letting the rage subside, I have come back.

In the last few years, I have made Video Game Development my focus, coming up with all kinds of ideas and storylines for new games, and making great progress along the way. Instead of continuing to try to follow a movement that has gone way off the rails, I've gone the creative route, and it's a much better and smoother way to go.

So, there it is. I have returned to Dtiod. Let's shake hands, make friendships and awesome.

See you all around.

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