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A Quick Statement on Gun Control�

Note: This was originally posted on my other blogs, which are NSFW. I have edited this entry, so has not to upset any users who are/might be offended by strong language.

I am Pro-Gun. I do feel its alright for me to have access to a gun for protection. I LOVE guns. I enjoy playing Games and watching movies that have guns in them (Rambo, Grand Theft Auto, The Expendables 1 & 2, and even 3 when it comes out).

But I do NOT feel like I should have the same guns the Army has, i.e. Assault Rifles, unless I join the fracking Army.

It only takes one Bullet aimed in the right place on a person to stop or kill them. A Shotgun and or a Handgun can do the same thing - stop someone in their tracks.

I don�t want or need an assault rifle � it�s what we common sense folk like to call �Overkill�.

The Ownership of Assault Rifles, and the mad need to buy them all up is based on fear, mistrust, and crazy morons that don�t like common sense, like the NRA, and any Right Wing nutjob who thinks we are getting rid of all guns (we aren�t btw).

Gun Control is not the ultimate solution, and too many people think that is the case. It�s not. It�s Part of the solution. There are many issues that must be resolved, and Gun Control is one of them.

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