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Another game-pop music similarities video by VGML inspired by PhilsPhindings. Featuring Final Fantasy 8. Thanks a lot Gecko!


New VGML video! This one is for Mega Man 1! Thanks a lot Gecko!


Forum keeps logging me in to other peoples manage areas.


This weeks blog entry has to be postponed due to illness. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Final Fantasy I Fusion Collab - Matoya's Cave Remix


Happy to announce that VGML made another game/pop music video inspired by PhilsPhindings: The first Sonic The Hedgehog game (1991)! Thanks @VGM%20 for all the hard work!


I've been asked to promote this VGML member showcase of original game inspired music composed by the channel members.


Finally, the sixth episode of our game-pop music comparison videos has been released, featuring the Street Fighter II entries! Many thanks to VGML for making this possible!


A new interesting candidate for Zelda's Lullaby has arrived. https://youtu.be/kiWescc9k5I?start=308


The Christmas surprise arrived a little late: Episode 5 of our Game-Pop music comparison videos, featuring Chrono Trigger! Thanks to VGML to make this possible!


Promoting this exquisite Monkey Island 2 remix suite by VGML.


I usual don't make so many quick posts so let's see how this works out: Remember how some people said the Mario 1-2 theme sounds like Friendship: Let's Not Talk About it? This is 2 years older. Note: Embed doesn't seem to work. Go to 1:18.


VGMLs dGecko made another game/pop music comparison video from PhilsPhindings. Thanks a lot Gecko!


VGMLs dGecko released the third episode of his game/pop music comparison videos inspired by PhilsPhindings. As usual, thanks a lot Gecko!


Have to take off a week again due to health issues. Sorry.


Apparently dGecko made another game-pop music comparison. Hooray!


VGMLs dGecko made a video version of Phil's Game/Pop Music Similarities. Thanks for your work Gecko!


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