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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #253 - Xover


Featuring Mega Man X and jazz, caribbean music.

greetings fellow game music lovers. Today is clearout for Mega Man X (1993) and this times Mega Man series! Thus some smaller stuff to round it all off.

First the stage clear theme:

I shall start with a japanese entry on this one:

Look Extra Mild - "追憶の少年" (1986):

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi - "Ninki nanka La La La (We're the Nijikai)" (1986):

It might have evolved from one of the trumpet fanfares you occasionally hear in caribbean music:

Joey Lewis - "The Action Man" (1974):

Then we have the entry of the final Sigma:

I suspect this is an old jazz standard. Some examples:

Pete Rodriguez - Asi Son Bronco (1965):

And the one which every old cartoon fan nows (but maybe not the title):

Raymond Scott - Powerhouse (1937):

And thus, this years Mega Man series ends. And since christmas is coming...

From next week Final Fantasy series!!!

Phil out.

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