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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #229 - Plumbersson Airplane


Featuring Super Mario Land and Soca.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

we can't just get enough of Mario, can we? But it doesn't necessary have to be Kondo all the time. So why don't we have another look at a song from the Gameboy versions of the franchise composed by Hirokazu Tanaka who follows Kondos general style but also has an occasional fling with other music. For Super Mario Land (1989 we already had a look at the first world, Chai and death sounds. Now it's time for the very last leevel music in the game: The airplane theme Marine Pop, Sky Pop! :

For the first part, one could assume it is a derivative of the later part of the original Super Mario Bros 1 overworld theme.

However, even in regular calypso songs you occasionally hear backings that seem to follow this general progression. Examples:

Iwer George - "Bandit" (1989):

A simpler version might also be in Mighthy Sparrows "Carlton Peeping At Me" from 1959:

Now for the second part starting at 0:19:

I think this was inspired by a popular backing that was used in Calypso by multiple songs in the late 80s and early 90s. Some examples:

David Rudder - "Bacchanal Lady" (1988):

The "Bandit" song by Iwer George from above also seems to have a backing with the same general notes and progression at a later point:

The earliest incarnation I know might be in the 1954 song "Back to Back, Belly to Belly" by The Charmer. Listen closely to the backing:

Finally, another song that was technically released a few months after Super Mario Land but since production began before the release I assume that it was created independently:

Soca Santa (Parang) - Machel (1990):

And the caribbean just won't leave!

Phil out.

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