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Super Time Force was really fucking good. I don't know why I was so hesitant to play it. Love that ending, too.


If Yakuza 5 was going to be free on Plus in less than a year, why didn't Sony just offer the game for free at launch? Seems weird to me.


Rubber Cement + Ipecac + Fruit Cake = Pure Chaos. Can't die to Isaac if I kill the world first!


How many people would be interested in me doing reviews? I've been kind of indifferent to a lot of summer gaming headlines, so I'm not writing much of anything other than my thoughts on games (on Steam).


Monster Monday! My sister and I have these guys. We gave them cute little voices...Apparently Doom is supposed to be scary.


Apparently the first Dead Rising is heading to PS4. Seems strange to launch a game as a promo for the sequel that won't be on the same console. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-07-18-looks-like-the-original-dead-rising-is-headed-to-ps4


Wolfenstein: The New Order was pretty good. It has some strange design choices (like sort of regeneration health) and some horrid boss fights, but it was fun. I liked the story, even if BJ is a pretty bland dude.


I'm kind of sad. I can't think of anything to write about and it's been almost a month. The summer is super boring for gaming.


I bought a mystery game from GreenManGaming, but I already own it. So, someone gets a game. First come, first serve!!! 7F4Z2-LZ7Z5-6NR36


I think I missed something with Bioshock Infinite. Everyone claimed that Elizabeth was the core of the story, but that isn't even true. She's a catalyst for Booker's actions; nothing more.


Time to shock everyone. Bioshock Infinite is a 6/10. Shots fired!


I think I've finally recovered from RTX/SGC. It was a hell of a weekend. Met a lot of great people and helped out a bunch of others. Maybe this socializing thing isn't so bad.


This is one hideous special edition console. Who the fuck would want it?


Villaintoid! Not enough of a bad-ass to deal with Garcia Motherfucking Hotspur!


Altercation at my shelter led to one guy being thrown out. I feel horrible. He was a nice kid and I'm worried for his safety.


My contribution to Cattoid...or whatever. A nice $5 footlong.


The Steam servers are lagging so hard that I can't even complete a purchase. I might end up not buying something (for once)!


This is why naming every scandal "Something"Gate doesn't work! Watergate made sense since it was the name of the hotel. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-06-23-nintendo-denies-paper-mario-color-splash-link-to-online-hate-campaign


One of my personal favorite Kung Fu movies (and films, period). Yuen Biao is my damned hero and I really love Sammo Hung's direction. I even won a contest on Flixist writing about this movie. Too bad the US DVD is trash.


I knew I was right! Kratos isn't voiced by the same guy in the new God of War. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-06-15-kratos-is-now-played-by-stargate-sg-1s-christopher-judge


I'm so annoyed with the, "Nintendo has caught up to current trends" thing with Zelda. Zelda wasn't limited by technology; Nintendo wanted to make games that way. Jesus, that is why people loved Zelda!


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