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I hope re4 has adaptive difficuty. I think that's what was really cool to learn about.


Tchia is a very charming game. The music while sailing is so good. Love it.


I started Yakuza 5 back up and oh yeah, it's good to be back. Shame ima have to put it back down soon for Tchia and RE4 this week. Distractions ahoy!


Heh, just had a funny idea about RE4R, that Krauser will show up multiple times throughout the game and Leon will question whether he's real or not and starts having visions of events that havent happened yet. revealing that-


After a couple adjustments, re4r stutters less, so I'll probably nab that on sale.


This came into the mail for me today!


Happy Birthday Alphadaeus! I know you're going through it, but I wish you all the best bud.


Tried the mad chainsaw mode and I took the advice and ignored the 1st encounter cause that was unfair! I died quickly at the village.


Looks like people figured out how to get the mad chainsaw mode permanently


I didn't check, but does re4r have motion control aiming? Cause that'd be neat if we could do that or be able to use the psvr2 controllers in its stead w/o the headset.


I see Leon in RE4R has his gun poses from the animated movies. Lol, that was roo-doo-diculous. On a related note, it runs well on my pc but it stutters when turning the camera so itll have to be PS5 for sure.


I really enjoyed that TMNT:Mutant Mayhem trailer. It looks so good. I'm finally give the show rottmnt a shot and you know what, I'm having a lot of fun with the 1st ep., the dialogues snappy and fun, the action is ridiculously cool and Donny's awesome.


Man I would like more tabletop vr games like Demeo, imagine if games like Divinity OS 2 got ported into VR. That'd be fantastic.


Heh, I just remembered a fanfic idea sometime ago for spider-man(Holland) that got really popular, about how his classmates figures out he's spidey and he's terrible at hiding it and decides to keep his secret for him. Currently reading one of em and-


Aaw there's no heroes hangout in Demeo like on the other platforms. Hopefully it'll come soon.


I watched puss in boots the last wish and that was a fantastic film. The new art style looked great, the actions scenes were so good, and so were the characters. It's one of Dreamworks' best films ever.


Due to snaileb's recommendation, I got pavlov for psvr2 and that is a really fun gun game. I didn't get naseous while playing at all.The multiplayer is pretty fun, the zombie mode not so much. I got really far in a game of demeo. I died at the last boss.


Ok look, Valve. Half-life Alyx on psvr2, please.


Aaaaaay. Edit: Nothing? Dang, it really had been a long time.


I got my psvr2 today and wow, re8 and Horizon call of the wild were pretty wild. I double dipped for Demeo and that's still pretty fun. I'm interested in the upcoming Sushi Ben that written by the Hatoful boyfriend creator. That looks good.


I was gonna get the psvr2 on Friday but due to it storming around here, it's been delayed to today. I have to pick it up from a ups cause it requires my signature and I missed it. I'm pretty excited! Edit:nvm I gotta wait til tomorrow to pick up.


Been playing halo reach coop campaign with my brother yesterday. He's never played it and he's liking it a lot.


Oh hey you can go back to classic disqus if you hit the drop down menu on your profile pic. Neat.


I went to work not knowing it's a day off. Heh, it was surprising and now I get to sleep in. Thanks President Lincoln!


i wanted to try to get back into animal crossing but ever since i lost my original island in the system move, I just can't.


This detective did what I've been trying and failed multiple times to do. Incredible.


So etrian odyssey collection is wild. Does 1 and 2 include the story mode from the 3ds though?


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