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I went to work not knowing it's a day off. Heh, it was surprising and now I get to sleep in. Thanks President Lincoln!


i wanted to try to get back into animal crossing but ever since i lost my original island in the system move, I just can't.


This detective did what I've been trying and failed multiple times to do. Incredible.


So etrian odyssey collection is wild. Does 1 and 2 include the story mode from the 3ds though?


Just finished the nintendo direct. Fantasy Life is back bay-beeeee! Oh yeah. And metroid I guess.


Ok I wasn't sure if I saw that correctly in the credits but yeah, Masi Oka of Heroes fame is the executive producer of Outer Wilds. That's cool.


I finished Outer Wilds! That was a really fantastic experience full of space mystery and intrigue! It really made me care so much for a dead civilization and the end hit hard in the feels. Haven't felt this way since Undertale and that's a 10/10 game.


Since some of yall mentioned how bad the fallout frontier mod is, I checked some clips of it. Wow, I feel bad for these voice actors having to say many of these lines. I would've been really embarrassed after seeing the end results.


I decided to dip a bit into Outer Wilds' Echoes of the Eye content and uhhh, wow, it feels horrifically oppresive and I am kinda afraid to continue. I think I'll wait until I've beaten the base game. Good lord. Good job on the vibe though.


Oh yeah it's fucking up there for me. Headphones recommended.


Damn disqus, your own website is getting increasingly worse with ads. What is this!?


Hoooooly shit. I agree with Kevin. Ep.3 of the Last of Us is amazing and much MUCH better than the game. I choked up a few times during it.


I finally got myself a house! Lets goooo!


In the words of Pint, "Attention everyone! There's a fucking house for sale!" Edit: Ok, Im going for another round for a house! No ones bidding on it just yet so fingers crossed ill get it tomorrow.


Aaay. Ena got another trailer.


Dang can't believe I missed this silvagunner rip. This one's a really good combo.


The comments are right, playing this on loop is extremely funny


mmm. If anyone hasn't played the Outer Wilds, they should. Charming as heck game with great music. Any game with a Banjo in its soundtrack is A+ in my book.


I am definitely not the only one to do this.


Everytime I see this amazing vid in my recommended, I always regret not finishing this game. I never seem to get far into it.


Say what's EA doing nowadays? I haven't heard any new info on their projects lately aside from Dead Space. It may be due to a lot of terrible publicity happening to other companies the past year.


Ok I put my lottery ticket in for a house in ff14. So far its just me and one other person aiming for it. Oh it's on random player. It's on. Edit: Well, I didn't get the house. There was still only 2 of us on that lottery.


Uh oh.The husbando and Waifu wars is happening again. Well, if anyone needs a reminder on who's the best, please consider:


Oh shit happy birthday to Wes as well!


Oooooh. Happy Bithday Panda! I hope you have an excellent day filled with Bamboo covered in hot motor oil.


Since a couple of yall have started ff14, here's a official quick and informative beginners guide from Square to get started. I can't share playlists as far as i know so that'll be below.


Heh, I imagine the reason why everyone's username on YouTube has been turned back into @'s is because of Twitter. Don't want anyone impersonating other people again.


Oh this is great. FF14 endwalker spoiler meme below.


Man I can't believe I missed this upload. Its a fun vid describing different kinds of ff14 players.


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