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So my fightstick can open up and I can wrap my USB cable into there. Days before, I put the manual in there not knowing I put it right underneath where the joystick lever is and moving the stick caused it to make a hole in it lol.


DemonDan has been going ham with sf6's grapplers I see.


I'm sure others can make a better one but hey, I tried to make a Makoto.


Happy Birthday Planet! I hope you have a great day man. You're presence here is always a wild one. Especially at the rpg table.


Street Fighter 6 has been a blast. I haven't done ranked yet, just the battle hub matches and Guile plays just fine. The World Tour mode is fun as well and im just enjoying exploring Metro City and finding secrets. I discovered Retsu is here as an npc!


Alright idc what anyone says, the street fighter movie is goofy fun. The corniness was there sure, but it's endearing and the action was pretty rad. Raul Julia is still boss. What really got me rolling was him using a fightstick and Zangief is not bad guy


Alright another sf movie came in! I'm about to watch the street fighter live action movie before sf6 unlocks at 9pm tonight. Let's gooo.


And that was street fighter 2 the animated movie finished. That was a good time. The fight scenes were pretty grounded save for the special moves so they felt natural. I can't wait for con artists ken and ryu tomorrow!


I'm getting ready for sf6! I never watched the street fighter 2 the animated movie so this'll be a fun treat. Also I'm gonna have so much fun cringing at the live action movie tomorrow. It's gonna be fun. Oh and I got frogun and arc sys games too I guess.


Aaay, we're back. Good, now let's get down to the most important of business: Do y'all wipe back to front or front to back?


I nabbed a copy of Ex 3!


My folks got me this awesome fightstick for my bday today! I've been playing the sf6 beta with for a while now. It's hella fun.


Never forget David Cage's cowardice by saying it has no politcal themes whatsoever lol.


That MK1 trailer was pretty cool. I like that most of the characters werent over designed. Though it doesn't tell the audience what kind of game it's going to be. It needs gameplay. The website suggests it'll be a 1v1 game with assists like MvC1.


It's funny to see max do these without context.


I got a new computer over the weekend as an early bday present to myself. A prebuilt one from Best Buy that was on sale and yeah, its nice. I can actually run Street Fighter 6's World Tour with no hiccups and Baldurs Gate 3 runs in 60.


I'm trying to reinstall Guild Wars 2 and the DL speed keeps going to zero after 20%. Apparently the devs said the update near may 9 is causing it and should be fixed. Apparently not for me though. Weird.


A bit after returning to Hyrule. Oh nooo she's hot!


Whew, a few hours into tear of the kingdom and I have the same fuzzy feelings I got when when I first started botw. I finished the tutorial area and am now ready for my grand adventure! Though I have theory of where a plot is going below.


Max Dood playing a Hololive fan game? Hilarious.


The Sonic the Hedgehog tumblr account got me good.


Oh god she's back and she looks great here!


Starting on my birthday too? Let's go!


man capcom fighting collection's online on steam is super dead. No ones playing at all. :(


That better not be who I think it is.


After getting back into splatton 3, I hate how I have to sift through menus until I can get back in. Games need a skip victory animations and an instant queue button. I hate waiting. Especially after losing many in a row.


Lol wow, just checked the sf6 website and they have a prologue comic out and Ken has his company invest in Crypto!? And instead of supporting this new country in urban development, he builds a fighting arena to stream a tournament. Kenneth what!?


Yknow what, maybe I should make a Sanji character from One Piece in Street Fighter 6 with Juri's moves. That'd be fun.


If it wasn't for the thumbnail, I would've had my hopes up completely for another chrono game from square. It's a cool looking mmo though. I'm interested to see more.


There's been discussion about this topic before but it's always nice to read thoughts about them. What are some notable 7/10 games that stick out to you? Its Dragon Age 2 for me. The environments were dull but dang was combat flashy. Loved the vibe too.


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