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Rate that dungeon: Persona 3


With this I am starting a series of blog posts about RPG dungeons. While playing Eternal Sonata I realised, that almost every dungeon in that game is shit and I came up with the idea of rating every dungeon in a game on a 1-5 star scale with a small commentary.

So for my first game I chose something easy. Persona 3 has basically only has one very, very large dungeon and some small dungeons on the full moon events. Anyways here we go:


Tartarus is one big, scary, neverending nightmare. Not only are there 263 floors in this dungeon, but also most of the floors are created randomly. Luckily the random created floors are actually a good thing, because in the game you will have to travel through the same floors over and over again to level up your characters. All in all this is a long and boring dungeon, but there is also nothing to really annoy you while running through it.

Second Full Moon: The Monorail

Although this dungeon is pretty much just a long corridor and although the time limit you face toward the end makes it's pretty entertaining, there is nothing special about this dungeon.

Fourth Full Moon: The Love Hotel

I really like this dungeon. First I thought it would be just running through it and defeating the boss enemy, but after you have beaten the first boss, you are still stuck in there and are being mind controlled. After coming to your senses you have to solve an easy puzzle by destroying the right mirrors before facing the true boss.

Fifth Full Moon: The Weapon Depot

This is just a straight path with a boss at the end. Easy and over soon enough.

The dungeons in Persona 3 aren't great or special, but at least they are pretty straight forward and they aren't annoying.
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