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Happy Dance Collection is the best game ever!

I haven't played a disc Wii game for a long, long time, mostly because I couldn't care for any of those. But there was one game, I was waiting for since I first heard about it: Happy Dance Collection!

If you didn't already know, I totally love Japanese dancing games. The main reason I bought a PS2 was ParaParaParadise:

Which was incredible fun. Too bad the ParaPara trend died shortly afterwards (at least in Japanese main stream) and no further games in that series were made.

Now when I heard about Happy Dance Collection I kind of went crazy about it, because that is what I wanted to do with my Wii from day one. I wanted to take the Wiimote and just dance and make it register my moves. Thankfully Happy Dance Collection does just that.

Also it features some of my favorite JPop songs down to the whole dance routine. Take a look for yourself:
Music video:

Gameplay Video:

Also bonus live dance shot:

This makes it the best game ever. At least for me.

On a side note: My room mate got traumatised by me dancing that girly dance in my underwear while singing to it. Maybe I should have taken a video of that...
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