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PStoid Episode 25: E3 Special Edition!

  Here's what happened in episode #25! This special episode of PStoid is about as comprehensive of a Post-E3 discussion as we could have possibly made it. We dare you to find a podcast with more talky talk about E3 fit in under 4...


PStoid Episode 24: Release the Hounds

  Here's what happened in episode #24! On this episode, the return of Scield, Neal takes a vacation, Nanashi makes everyone do stuff and the crew is joined by newcomer Mike Martin aka PhilKenSebben. Addedly, King of the Hill, The...


#24 records TOMORROW, here is where to ask things!

Coming up on the big numbah twenty fore we come to you the community for our questions and listener suggested discussion topics. Anything to ask or for us to talk about is on the table, as always, and so you have been given prope...


PStoid Episode 23: Coffee and Schnapps

On this episode, Nanashi comes back to Uncharted 3, Neal gives us his thoughts on Video Game High School and special guest Roberto Plankton talks about glued together things. Addedly, we have an interview with Roberto, Final Fantasy X...


#23 with Roberto Plankton records soon, ask things!

In the proceeding episode of PStoid we will be telling you the story of resident dtoid-community artist and overall good sport, he must be a good sport if he's coming onto our show! We will be sure to ask the very basic questions as p...


PStoid Episode 22: Losing Our Loco

On this episode, Trev hosts so prepare for some bloodboner talk, Cornflake defends vegetables, Neal defends Borderlands, Kim has some news to share and Nanashi deals with it, seriously editing this one sucked the big one! Addedly,...


Episode 22 Records Soon! Gibe Questions Plox!

'Ey gurl. We're recording this weekend and I want questions. Ask us them. Go. This time, I, Trev, get to host. I was going to do it last time, but things happened and you got some music dog instead. Since I will now have power over t...


PStoid Episode 21: Nanashi Fails to Deliver

In the latest episode of PStoid, Neal manages to sneak in three 'one things', Nanashi shows his age & forgets a lot of things, Trev thinks Bloodborne is aight and Cornflake reminisces about Warframe days gone by..-~+~-PStoid F...


Episode 21 Records Soon! Questions Time! Also Codes

Sup, bebs? We've got a very special episode in the works and that means I get to put out the call for my favorite part! Questions? Discussion topics? Tasty beef and barley stew recipes? I want all of them. Gimme! If you have anything...


PStoid Episode 20: We Lose the Tumblr Crowd

In the latest episode of PStoid, Nanashi talks about PAX East and why it was AWESOME though forgets to mention that he got his lucha mask signed by the Drinkbox guys, Cornflake takes the helm and might possibly be w...


Another episode, a new host, a 'more questions' blog!

A new PStoid records this weekend, try to guess who the new host is. In fact, ask a question and be the first to send a pm with the CORRECT new host guess and you will win a random game. Courtesy of your favorite playstation destructo...


PStoid Episode 19: Silent Banana

In the latest episode of PStoid, Trev finds the greatest author, Cornflake tries to give OlliOlli 2 more money, Nanners says 7 words, and Kim extols the virtues of skipping buying Hardline.-~+~-PStoid Friendcasting - If you want t...


Ep. 19 Records Tonight!

AHHH we're recording tonight, and Kymiko is your host! Help us ask her questions like: "Will she ruin this?", "Do women belong in podcasts?", or "Why is she so awesome?" (spoilers, it's all the curse words. They're like magic or some s...


Ep. 19 records soon! Any questions?

A brand new Episode of PStoid will be recording this Wednesday, with a new host! PStoid will now be rotating who anchors the podcast to allow Nanners to skateboard more or do whatever it is he does every day we're not recording.If you ...


PStoid Episode 18: Hamburger Hipster

Today on PStoid: Kim hates the shit out of things, Trev tries to cook and cast, Cornflake goes in and out in terms of volume (again sorry for that!), Neal hates nanners, Scield stops by and talks multiplayer in games and does Nanas...


PStoid Episode 17: Disconnected Robot Chicken

On this higher quality episode of PStoid: Cornflake goes full robot, Kim awkwards the episode up, Trev thinks the Dying Light devs should be punished, Neal talks Texas (or doesn't, listen to find out) and Nanashi something fighting...


PStoid Episode 16: Roomate Fight

On this episode of PStoid: Nanashi gives a weather forecast, Trev enjoys funny usernames, Neal should remember to get cards against humanity packs at PAX, Cornflake doesn't trust Evolve devs to do a good job, Kim is angry and special guest ...


PStoid Episode 15: Committed to #YearOfNanashi 2015

PStoid rises out of the ashes of 2014 and into the cespool that is 2015 and whatever wonders await us there! In this episode: Cornflake thinks Microsoft will do better this year, Neal survives the cold of a powerless office, Scield mak...


ep.15 Records Soon, Call For Questions!

With the return of Playstation-toid, the podcast focused on destructoid, playstion and video games non-PS, comes a megton announcement: Relaunching the show after a holiday break with our first episode of new year, I hereby declare 201...


PStoid Episode 14: Gardevoir Horror

Because of finals the podcast closes out with this, our last episode for 2014! In it: Cornflake doesn't know who Hatsune Miku is, Nanashi gets to dog on Uncharted, Neal defends Squeenix sorta, Kim tells us about her Thanksgiving, Trev ...


PStoid Episode 13: Don't You Edit My Pizza

On this episode of PStoid: Kim orders a Playstation, Neal tells us about Final Fantasy's 8 to XIV, Trev disrupts the beginning and end of the show, Nanashi can't go out and skate and special guest Clockwork-zombie tells us about weeb g...


PStoid Episode 12: Exbeard

On this episode of PStoid: Nanashi lives a rogue-like, Neal thinks Xrd is a dumb title, Cornflake calls for a PStoid game, Trev posits a biblical battle with our special guest host and Dustin intrudes us to retro game streaming, aka Se...


PStoid Episode 11: This Is The Moth Trev Is Dead

On this very special episode of PStoid: Trev not reviews Freedom Wars, Cornflake shows up drunk, Kim tells us about Cod AWWWW, Neal encounters a giant Moth, Nanashi disappears partway through and our first ever guest host, OpiumHerz pa...


Recording no. 11 (w/OpiumHerz) Call for Questions

It's that time again! We have another new episode of PStoid recording this weekend and we come to the community for listener Questions and suggestions for discussion topics. As the title says, we have a special host scheduled to join u...


PStoid Episode 10: Halloween Special (w/Giveaway!!)

On this special Halloween themed episode: Neal hates the "Christmas Creep", Trev can't pick a damn horror movie, Kim talks work safe costumes, Nanashi reviews The Evil Within and Cornflake is out doing some Halloween things... yeah I'm...


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PStoid (pronounced "Playstation-toid") is the first and only Playstation focused podcast on Destructoid!

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