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PStoid Episode 99: Bando Namcai

Despite what you may hear in the show, it is NOT episode 100. Nanners decided to take full advantage of both my laziness and possible drunkenness to play a prank on me leading me to believe that it was actually episode 100, but it is...


PStoid Episode 98: A "Short" E3 Episode?

We're finally back, and it's our first episode post-E3 2019! That means that's the majority of what we talk about. Because we are nothing if not topical! And, as promised, a picture of the new tattoo!   Archive Podomatic  t...


PStoid Episode 97: Deserts, Guns and Willie Nelson

New episode! Yay! Get excite...I guess. We talked about a whole bunch this time. Bloodstained, Persona 5, the PS5, PS+ games for May, and more. Check it out! I also humble-bragged just a little bit about my recent birthday,MAGwest and...


PStoid Episode 95: WE'RE BACK!

Soooooooooooo yeah... We're REALLY bad at the whole "scheduling a time to record a podcast" thing. We last recorded in December, before MAGfest and a whole bunch of other news. Join us now, as we prove we're still alive and talk about...


PStoid Episode 94: No More Words for 2018

Another year, another GOTY episode. I wanted to post this earlier, but life and illness prevented it. We also talk a little about the rumored (now confirmed) Persona 5R, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, and the first round of PS+ games for 2019. ...


PStoid Episode 93: RIPs and Rants

I'm pretty late on getting this one out due to me being sick. This has been sitting in my inbox for about a week, so I don't clearly remember everything, but I do remember us ranting about a lot of things like the Playstation Classic ...


Anime NYC 2018: Growing up Fast!

Let me start off by saying I got to go to the show this year courtesy of the Press Pass provided to me. If I didn't get that I may have had to miss out entirely on the amazing crap that happened to me all day! I had very high hopes go...


PStoid Episode 92: Shake Baby, Kiss Hand

Another great episode of PStoid here, and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm the host. Ok. Maybe I am. But that doesn't mean it a'int true! This time around, we go over a little bit of old news (PSN ID changes) and a good amount of new ...


What I love about Anime NYC and what I don't!

Hey it's Nanashi (ななし) and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the upcoming event Anime NYC. It's an anime con from the 16th to the 18th of November and they were kind enough to give me a pass to get in and cover the show. ...


PStoid Episode 91: Underrated Greatness

Hey folks! Neal here (as usual). Doing something a little different this time. I'm actually writing this shortly after we recorded so that the stuff we talked about is still fresh in mind instead of several days old. And I'm also gonn...


PStoid Episode 90: Anime Tangentcast

Meant to get this uploaded this past weekend, but was rather busy *cough* Spider-Man *cough*. We go WAY off the rails from the get go, just so Nanners can talk about anime, so blame him. We do eventually get back to talking about game...


PStoid Episode 89: Hopped Up on Nostalgia

On our post-E3 episode, Nanners and Neal talk about metal bands, how Neal has no taste. And also how nostalgia is (or is not) ruining the gaming industry. Y'know, the usual. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube


PStoid Episode 88: E3 2018 Special!

This is the E3 2018 episode, in case you didn't figure that out by the title. The twist, though, is that we talk nothing about E3...or do we? (Yes we do.) Also, a HUGE thank you to Ali (a.k.a Bulbtastic) for joining us for the first h...


Pstoid Episode 87: Nintendivorce

I wanted to call this PrE3, but then realized that that looked dumb. Nanners and I go over some of the stuff that we're looking forward to in E3 2018. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube


PStoid Episode 86: Embracing the Tangent

For this episode Nanners and I talk about Best Buy, Square Enix, Harvest Moon, and Rage 2. We also go on a long tangent, to nobody's surprise. What makes it different this time, though, is that it was on purpose. Archive Podomatic&nb...


PStoid Episode 84: Please Hold...

Nanners was on hold for a while, but then we got this podcast rolling once the United States Postal Service was kind enough to hang up on him. On this episode we talk about several games that got some release dates, including the Spyr...


PStoid Episode 82: Texan From England

Welcome to another episode of PStoid! This time we talk about graphics cards, console life cycles, and Manny's terrible accent. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube


PStoid Episode 81: Like Jenga on a Treadmill

Wherein Neal and Nanners talk about D&D podcasts for damn 10 minutes before even starting the podcast. We do start the show eventually though, I promise! We talk about controller colors, Valkyria Chronicles, we teach Manny what a ...


PStoid Episode 79: Metallica's Overwatch League

Hey all! We're back with a new episode, and this time the crew is joined by Wes and Matt, aka WesLikesTacos and Dinosir! We talk about some betas, a possible all digital future for Activision, and the Overwatch League. Also, be sure ...


PStoid Episode 78: 2017 GOTY Special

Sorry for the late arrival of the podcast, but MAGfest happened for both Nanners and I, so I didn't actually get the audio file until just yesterday.On this episode Mike, Manny, and Neal talk about out picks for 2017 games of the year...


PStoid Episode 77: CH-CH-CH-CHANGES!

Neal here. So this is the first episode where I'm officially the show-runner, and what do I do? I let life happen and forget to post the new episode in a timely manner. Woops! I'll try not to let that happen again, I promise. This we...


An Old Community Podcast Gets Much Needed Updating

Greetings Destructoid Community! I come today bearing some good news, at least if you like community run podcasts.  Now before we start let's get one thing out of the way, no one thought that we would still be doing this three yea...


Episode 76: Food Poisoning, Amirite?

Sorry for the late upload, folks. This episode we talked about Thanksgiving, what we did and did not buy on Black Friday, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Ys VIII, and a few other things. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube


Episode 75: Tribute to Drinkbox

We're finally back after 5 weeks (totally Nanners' fault) to talk about games and other shit. Mike is also finally back after an even longer time gone (also totally Nanners' fault...maybe). We talk Paris Games Week, November PS+ games...


PStoid 74: Second Puberty

Nanners is entering into a very special period in his life. Meanwhile, Neal is playing a whole lot of Ys VIII. We also talk TGS, Nintendo, and the PlayStation Plus games for October have us excited. Archive Podomatic  twitter fa...


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91: Underrated Greatness
90: Anime Tangentcast
89: Hopped Up on Nostalgia
88: E3 2018 Special! feat. Bulbtastic
87: Nintendivorce
86: Embracing the Tangent
85: A Tricultural Podcast, or No Habla De Nanners
84: Please hold...
83: The Crash Bandicoot of Konami
82: Texan from England
81: Like Jenga on a Treadmill
80: The Capcom Fighting Game of Podcasts
79: Metallica's Overwatch League feat. Weslikestacos and DinoSir
78: 2017 GOTY Special
77: CH-CH-CH-CHANGES! feat. Luckrequired
76: Food Poisoning Am I Right?
75: Tribute to Drinkbox
74: Second Puberty
73: Our Second Drummers Big Toe
72: Mortgaging Your PC
71: Master Sword is Useless feat. Max, Jay and AJ
70: Do Not Gargle This Podcast feat. Max aka Kirbyllion
69: Affordable to the Average Listener!
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61: Bruce Wayne is Dr. Pepper
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54: God Goes to PSX feat. Facelessgod
53: Just One Big Clap
52: Shootout Free Podcast feat. Zero2007
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50: Mike's JRAP Debut
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47: The Many Boners Episode
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37: Emotions Overloaded the Episode feat. Meanderbot
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35: Salivating Over Persona feat. Jack Shadow
34: Nintendo and Playstation Conferences feat. Striderhoang
33: Halloween Spooktacular feat. Darren Nakamura
32: A Europeanized Special feat. Riobux
31: Run Mike the Cat is Back! feat. Digtastik
30: The Good Cheese
29: Brits and Doppeldongers feat. Andy Dixon
28: Terrible Opinions Podcast feat. Jed Whitaker
27: Because He's German
26: Free Book Suppository feat. Conor aka Jon Bloodspray
25: E3 Special Edition!
24: Release the Hounds
23: Coffee and Schnapps feat. RobertoPlankton
22: Losing Our Loco
21: Nanashi Fails to Deliver
20: We Lose the Tumblr Crowd
19: Silent Banana
18: Hamburger Hipster
17: Disconnected Robot Chicken
16: Roomate Fight feat. Occams Electric Toothbrush
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14: Gardevoir Horror feat. Kyle MacGregor
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