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It's Carnival season and the good doctor is always there for you!


Toaster take... blueberry is the best pop tart.


From the bits of HiFi Rush that I've seen... Don't use vocals as rhythm markers, and maybe don't use vocals at all? Just make the beat and maybe noises the 1. Vocals suck in all games that aren't Nier. I'm feeling argumentative; I haven't even played it.


Date night 2 was a success! Infinity Pool was... aight


I sharted when I walked to the bar, had to ditch my boxers and wipe like a fiend. Thankfully she wasn't there yet. I was able to use that bit as an endearing story after a couple drinks.


Date tomorrow for the first time since COVID (egads!). Little bar hopping, Chewbacchus parade (sci-fi nerd krewe), and capping it off with a concert. I am hella nervous, but very excited.


There are two things I want at the end of my life... What kind of wild shit is really out there in the universe and what the hell did dinosaurs and prehistoric flora+fauna really look (and sound!) like in motion- I wanna see and hear 'em.


Revisited Pixies' first three albums in a drunken haze; fell back in love and reconnected with a part of myself that went missing.


Mitsuru is best girl, you uncultured swine. Oh and uuuuhhh happy bday to the Wes that causes a mess.


I'm sure it will drag on due to its length (...), but Persona 5 Royal is some damn good funky nerdy fashion bullshit. It sounds and looks so damn good.


If I were to begin using the word turgid, would I become turgid?


The Ocarina of Time battle theme kind of sounds like a Miles Davis track and everything makes slightly more sense now.


I'm not a big battle royale guy, but I would fucking love an online City Trial from Air Ride. Also, it was fucking stupid to not bring Smash Run back, but Sakurai is the man so I ain't mad.


Sonic Prime is not bad two episodes in... I would have much rather preferred something along the Mania shorts because those were goddamn gorgeous, but I can watch this as a kid show without a kid. So far.


Happy Birthday to that fucking guy; here's a pic of me on vacation.


Happy birthday to the Riff-meister, the Raff-master; I'll toast to you and might get plastered.


I did not watch many movies this year. I did, however, quite enjoy 2012's "Excision"


To my secret Santa... I threw some things on elfster. They are strictly joke-y ideas brewed out of a hangover and exhaustion. I trust you, stranger.


I don't mind my base PS4 revving up a lil; is it worth playing Elden Ring on it? (I've never really had that issue with any of my Sony systems, but I know that shit is real)


All of Veemon and its line are awesome; Dinobeemon is underrepresented and sick as hell.


I got to jam with some friends for the first time in ages and we sounded super awesome and I had a blast and feel alive again.


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