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Is Gaming Still...An Isolationist's Hobby?

I think I have spent about more than a year in solitary confinement. With occasional visits to the land that lies beyond my house, I have spent so much of my time being miserable, depressed and sitting inside, drowning my worries, my problems and my feelings inside a virtual world full of characters far more interesting than me...

I'm not a multiplayer gamer really. I don't mind co-op stuff, but I have useless internet for online competitive (not to mention I suck at FPS's), and one of my most hated memories was sitting at a friend's house while he got to have infinite turns on Guitar Hero, and I had to sit and watch this guy play a game I'd been wanting to ever since I had heard about it, gritting my teeth while he laughed in my face about how amazing the game was.

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Alright, let's try this again.

My name is Alex. I'm 15 and I hide in my dark corner of the internet writing a so-called "blog" here on Destructoid. I think far too critically of myself which has reflected on my personality, as I'm cyncical and highly critical of...well a lot of stuff.

Anyway, games. It was all about the GameBoy Advance when I was young, and have grown up on an unhealthly diet of portable gaming (GBA,DS,PSP), a recent introduction of console gaming , lots of fictional media, and yummy food.

I'm lazy and very day-dreamy, non-committal and kind of temperamental. Plus I get distracted easily...I'm really painting a rosy picture here aren't I? Still, if you stick around, (I'm hoping) you may find something of quality here, and who knows, I don't think I'm THAT bad, right...right?

So yeah, vidjo games.

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House Of Dead III

Also, I have twitter now, even though I now feel like a complete sell out. Follow me and see how uninteresting I can be.


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