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I went into a Friend Safari hoping to see if it had a Stunfisk I needed for breeding... I came out with a Shiny Pikachu.


I am slowly but surely turning into the anti-me.


"Don't you think it's time we added another to the family?" "I told you, Hideo, I'm not ready." "David was ready." And that's how the trailer got made.


Oh god. I can't. Why? How? For what purpose?


Oh? They've ALREADY confirmed Sun and Moon's events are region locked and won't be happening at the same time in different regions, if at all? Again? How nice of them!


To celebrate the fact it lost the recent Pokemon election, Japan is giving away a special Simisear in the hopes of improving its reputation. It's random stuff like this I wish we got more of. I love that. Hopefully S/M will finally pave the way for...


You thought it was going to be a Kamen Rider movie, but it was me, British comedy!


You know, besides for maybe the ORAS ones they didn't release outside of Japan, I think the X and Y 3DSes are actually still the best Pokemon ones they've put out. Huh!


Jesus TMS looks even better than I thought. Had to close out of the stream so I could still go into it next week unsullied.


It just dawned on me that 7 out of 10 times the best deal you will ever see on a Nintendo game is when you preorder it with the Best Buy/Amazon discount.


Anyone know what that really cool indie they had on in Sony's stream was before they switched over to Mafia? It looked pretty rad.


Y'know I can't help but think that with how they keep emphasizing "Sonic fans in EU" they're just going to be announcing you guys are getting Sonic Boom in British accents or something.


So the eighteenth Heisei Rider is Ex-Aid, huh... Wait... Ex-Aid... Ex-Aido... X... Eido... Eighto... X... 10... 10-Eighto... Eighteenth Kamen Rider......... GREAT SCOTT! It's a PUN!


Well Sony's got an E3 sale going on. Included are such E3 hits as Neptunia and Dragonball.


After being fired from his job because transporting patients on a bike was "dangerous," Takeshi realizes the world must be overrun by evil cyborgs trying to control health care. Now a rogue EMT with nothing to lose, Takeshi is... Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!


The next Kamen Rider is going to be called Ex-Aid. ... Yup. We go from Drive to Ghost to Ex-Aid.


I am cautiously interested. It's a free thing coming out at launch (VR launch) so... Might be cool?


Still don't get why they made avatars exclusive to PS4 now.


Well Vita is getting some Senran Kagura themes in Japan, randomly. Maybe we'll get those?


Well I may not have gotten my wish, but thankfully, Compile Heart put out a trailer for one of their upcoming Vita titles that simulates the experience of being a Vita fan tonight. Yes, those enemies look like a ballsack and a hairy ball to me too.


My only wish from Sony is for someone on stage to say the word "Vita" once without being a patronizing douchebag about it. Just one time. I know they'll break any Vita-related promise they make anyway so all I want (and know I'll never get) is some class.


Wow. This hits me like a truck. It's really been over ten years. Jesus. I think it's a sign.


They're saying there are less rats in Dishonored 2 but the characters look like mice in this trailer. Hmmmmm...


It's party time! For all you kids who watched MMPR back in the day, that is indeed a revamped Goldar getting his groove on in the back there.


"Hino even goes on to mention that he hopes to see all future titles from the company be compatible with smartphone" R.I.P. Level-5


Hey Pokemon trainers! If you compete in this month's online competition, or have competed in any competitions that earned you Play Points, you can get a special Shiny Mewtwo with its Hidden Ability!


So how necessary are the dual screens for 999? Now it sounds like it MIGHT be coming to Vita too, and that'd be perfect since I have the other one on there from PS+ already.


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