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Hey guys, I know I'm not around a lot, and worse this ain't a fun topic, but this be important. The House of Representatives is voting on whether or not they fuck the internet (and everyone who uses it) tomorrow. Call your representative and tell them NO.


Speaking of Wii U games, have games for that system been going on clearance to make way for the Switch and I've been missing it or what?


Sad as I am about the canceled Wii U version (never thought I'd say that about anything), Hollow Knight is probably going to be my GOTY. The game is just incredible. Such a damn shame that Vita stretch goal was never hit.


This has never really crossed my mind before (seriously), but... it must have been pretty cool to have been able to play Persona 4 without having been spoiled the day after it came out.


Speaking of PS Now I like how Sony cut it off a bunch of things since it's probably too expensive to keep having it on them when they'd probably save/make more if they just lowered the price.


I don't think I can go back to Pokemon after Dragonball Fusions got its update for online multiplayer. Only had five battles and I've been on the edge of my seat the whole time. It's like the jump from story Pokemon to competitive, but even crazier.


Every time the zombie form is on screen in Ex-Aid, I'm so stupidly happy with it. The way it moves, the music and sound effects it gets, how they film it; everything is so GOOD and it just makes me want to go play a Resident Evil or rent a horror movie.


So that handheld Steam console was supposed to come out in two months. Guess it's not?


Feeling the Valentine's blues? Well, with the help of this hot sale on Steam, I've got just the cure! So go on, buy a visual novel today! Just remember: Sumika is best girl


Never has a single image so perfectly summed up why Nintendo just needs to get over themselves and get with the times.


Kick the halls, deck your foes, and have a happy holidays, errybody!


Conspiracy Theory: GameFreak made customization in Sun and Moon worse on purpose because they really didn't ever intend to bring it back after X and Y and want to make people think it's not worth it.


that feeling when you're playing multiplayer and your asshole friend starts the match without plugging your controller in


Okay, Pokemon, some of these Festival Plaza questions are cute and all, but I really don't like what "Do you pursue your dreams or face reality?" sounds like it's implying here...


This is the same world today as it was yesterday everybody. The world that made Pac-Man, one of gaming's oldest and greatest icons, into a movie villain because one of the heroes was named Ghost and puns are funny. It's okay! #PunsitivityWednesday


When you wake up tomorrow, no matter what happened and no matter who anyone voted for, remember that you probably feel the way you do because people, even you, sometimes forget we're all just human, all in this together. So tomorrow, remember that.


The next Kamen Rider movie will be featuring Pac-Man as its primary antagonist. This is not a drill.


Sometimes you say you have no words, but you've really got words and you're just saying it for effect. But right now I really do not have any words for this one. <- except those


"Quick! Send in the backup! It's turning into a furry convention out there!" "But... sir it was already a-" "THEY'RE WEARING FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S COSTUMES YOU IDIOT!"


What do you get when an otaku has sex with a Fisher Price toy and his SNES? Next year's Kamen Rider, apparently!


At long last, MuvLuv is out today on Steam! Zetta Pro Tip: Don't skip Extra!


If you had told me I would someday see one of my favorite Kamen Riders stalking Japanese schoolchildren to teach them how to play Pokemon, I would... well I would be glad it wasn't gay porn again. Surprisingly it's actually kind of funny...?!


Look, Reggie, hear me out here. If your focus is on content, maybe, just mayyybe DON'T pretend your competition exists in another universe, at least so you can know what kind of content people like and also keep up with third parties this time? Maybe???


Who needs Dadtoid when you have Desiretoid?


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