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The most hype house track of 2022. You can feel the acapella start builds to something big. Love the energy behind this. What a banger. #musictoid | Fred again.., Four Tet, Elley Duhé - Jungle


My sweet oranges laced hawaiian shirt shrunk 😢. Why is life so cruel.


Edm event was advertised for every Saturday at this local place but only on the EDM page and not the official page for this place. That was my first flag. Went and turns out it sucked. They canceled after the first weekend lol - wrong crowd for dubstep.


Three super silky smooth songs rolled into one short film. Each vignette/song is ~2 minutes. Moody ambient vibes and good melodies here. #musictoid | Isabel LaRosa - i'm watching you EP


Did a short core exercise yesterday. I just sneezed and my belly felt like it was crying 👍.


Garage rock done right. The ending crescendo is superb. #musictoid | Yot Club - "down bad"


Seems like my friend's nights out drinking are winding down, while mine are just starting. I've always done my own thing and looks like this'll be no different...for the most part. 🤷‍♂️ Gonna be a fun and interesting summer.


Current status:


Really smooth vibes here. The piano chords give it a nice touch. Late-night driving jam. #musictoid | COIN - Killing Me


Black cat is all, "Why tf is this guy rollin around?". #Caturday


Took a mental health day. Current status:


Had a great day yesterday. Bought a sweet Hawaiian type shirt with oranges on it a while back and wore it for beerfest. Random ppl complimented me and one guy took a pic of it to send to his son. "He'd like that. That's a strong shirt".


Am drunk. At beerfest. Is bueno.


I've found a reason for meeeeeeeee


Me when I realized the white castle order I usually got was for two people.


A banger then, a banger now. The energy here that the beat brings is amazing. Doesn't let up. Been a long while since I heard this. #musictoid | Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly


A catchy pop-punk song for the summer. Gives off early 2000s vibe to me for some reason 🤷‍♂️. #musictoid | blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly - gfy




That's it. I've seen enough!


Good stuff here. And the video is also visually stunning. Like how this was shot. #musictoid | Kendrick Lamar - N95


Mucho drunk. Mucho bueno.


Getting an iced coffee. Wish me luck. *Update* Mission accomplished - thanks for your support 🙏 🙌


It's like a whole anime arc. A kitten given another chance. I admit I got teary-eyed after watching their lastest update video knowing death was right there for the kitten.


What I arrived to after work. Caught in 4k. The chonk.


3 hrs of sleep let's goooo!!!


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