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Mario movie was leaked decades ago


If you liked the OG Naruto anime, then you'll appreciate this. Nostalgia hit me hard, from the events used, to the music. And the updated visuals are top-tier eye candy.


Wanted to try NVIDIA's object creation tool, but then I realized I don't have 8 high end GPUs. Oh well... *update: now w/ the right link :)


Lots of AI stuff seen this past year. Now Tesla wants to put robot helpers into homes. I feel like these next few years is when tech leaps forward by huge margins.


Don't foget to get a pack of refreshing smore sodas to go along with your favorite bread 😬


Iced coffee is a personality trait, right?


Love the vibe. Soothing to the soul. #musictoid | Nilüfer Yanya - midnight sun


Can't explain it. I legitimately like CoD for its pick and play fun. But then I'll play it too much and never touch it again. But now I'm hyped for modern warfare 2? Geez.


Humming the 90s xmen theme in my head throughout the day: du nuh nuh nuh nah nah nah


Been pumping iron consistently for a good few months now. Never realized how scrawny my arms really were. Feels bueno seeing the results 💪


Appreciate the concern! To clarify my bueno post: Drunk part was early in the day. Night time was sing/dance time. And my friend put the pin on the WRONG street so I was lead wrong by two drunks lol. Cant fit everything in 255 characters goshdarnit!


Was drunk. Spent 20 minutes finding my car because we forgot where we parked. Was bueno. Still one more day to end the summer right!


Thought it was a house track at first. Solid, solid dance track. Gets the energy up and going. Nice way to start the three day weekend! #musictoid | Kali Uchis - NO HAY LEY


After much delay, they're finally shipping out the Keyboardio Model 100s. Hyped. Fingers crossed it stays on track for two weeks 🙏 🙌


It's like a frickin sauan here but it's ok cuz I'm bueno baby


They showed off a lot here. It looks dope. Hopefully this game doesn't disappoint cuz I actually might start playing games again.


Either im burnt out or I'm over my job. I'm thinking the latter but maybe I should consider it more after a much needed break.


Love that I'm hearing Running up that hill on my top 40 station. Do it to more songs please.


Some upbeat and funky house tunes here. Sometimes you just need a song that gets you moving and nothing else. Fantastic dance track. #musictoid | Crazibiza - Soul Cool


At a family party. Hate these since it's a bunch of random people from all sides. And it's all mostly kids. Is no bueno.


He actually pulls the covers himself. *not really but he's still cute. #Caturday


I'll automatically think you're hiding something if you wear a bowtie other than the color black.


Gonna get an iced coffee. Wish me luck.


They're raising the price of the Quest 2. If you haven't gotten one yet, its not a bad VR headset to get into the space for the current price. The next gen headsets are gonna be cool too tho so pick your poison.


Saw the new John Wick 4 teaser. Holy moly am I hyped again.


Great song. Great video. Great energy. Didn't know they've been around for a while. Keeping my eye out for more. #musictoid | Bloc Party - Traps


Current remote work status:


Am drunk. Is bueno?


Am drunk. At a bar. Cover band is actually good. Is bueno.


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