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Game In Progress: March 2020


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Hello, all!

Welp, I'm finally in the thick of this virus chaos. I'm pretty much the sole income provider as of now. I cannot stress how fortunate I am to be able to work AND provide a bit for my family's needs. I always complain about how life like's to throw curveballs at me when things are starting to look good. But this time it looks like life went for the jugular and included the entire planet.

My job has had us work harder since this whole remote work thing has them realizing their current applications can be handled better than in their current state. I'm sure you've all heard of the recent COBOL debacle that has caused so much inefficiencies for certain states and organizations. My department doesn't seem like it was that bad, but they figured do it now rather than later.

So it goes without saying my time has been mostly been used elsewhere. But I was able to do something, before this mess got heavy.

3-D shapes info

Last time, I had mentioned that I would need to classify what shapes I would use. I also would need the different 2- shapes that they could possibly fit into depending on their surface areas.

Above, I have made a short list of initial 3-D shapes that the player will have. The other columns are the possible slot shapes that the 3-D shape can fit through. Most of them will have two. I was thinking about other shapes and possibilities that a shape could fit into, but that would probably make my time with it even more complicated.

For example, the triangular prism (dubbed Tri-prism above) has two triangle faces, along with three rectangle faces. In my game, you complete a puzzle by fitting a 3-d shape through a slot that houses some type of 2-D shape. So for the triangular prism, a person will be able to complete a puzzle using one of these two slot shapes: triangle or rectangle.

3-D shapes and their 2-D surfaces

Well, anyways that's it for this month. A short and sweet one.

On a somewhat related note, because of the virus situation there are some sites giving free courses. I took one for an AWS cloud developer role. Cloud development is only going to get more popular as organizations realize how invaluable it is. Even more so with everyone working from home. So my time will also be spent doing that for the next month.

Til next time!

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