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Fish's Death

@CelicaCrazed tagged me in a photoshop that they made and implored me to write about my death in the movie. What I wrote turned out to be more of a story than I had intended. It's not stellar writing, but there you have it. Here's the ...


Goodbye! BoxBoy! We hardly knew ye.

NintendoWire is reporting that the 3rd and final game in the BoxBoy trilogy- titled Goodbye! BoxBoy!- will be released in Japan on February 2nd, 2017. No US release date as of yet.Even more exciting- for me, at least- is the physical e...


It's-a-me! Fish!

Weeeelllll, My name is Fish and I'm here to say....... that I'm no good at raps.But! I am good at talking about myself.I am a 38 year old dude from Springfield, MO, I am a weekend radio DJ, and I am a Nintendo fanboy.Currently playing ...


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