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Panzer Dragoon Orta is final entry in the Panzer Dragoon series and one of the many exclusives released on the Xbox by SEGA. The title retains the style of the previous SEGA Saturn entries, but expands the scope of the gameplay with multiple Dragon forms.


The Undead Syndrome is a bizarre trip that would make anyone question why they’re playing it. But giving the game a bit of your time will leave you with an unforgettable experience… for both the right and wrong reasons


Yoshi has had it rough. Most will point to Yoshi’s Island as the pinnacle of the series. But even with excluding the puzzle games, there’s one other game I think every fan should spend at least some time with.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an impressive first step into open world design for the Zelda series. Yet ultimately, the game’s core flow and scale betray it.


Super Panda Ball is an obstacle course style game featuring a panda who likes to be hit a little too much. This Japanese doujin title combines physics based movement and an obstacle course structure through seven worlds.


It’s easy to forget about Spectrobes as it had a fairly short run before puttering out. While sales whimpered with the final release, it did go out with a bang. Spectrobes: Origins is a surprisingly ambitious Action Adventure Game for the Wii.


Surprise I'm not dead.Updated my disclosure list with my current employer BeHaviour Interactive is now a client. Pokemon Company is no longer a client. Disney China is no longer a client + doesn't make games anymore. hthttps://oculin.wordpress.com


I'll be at Otakon Vegas this weekend if anyone wants to look me in the eye and tell me how bad I am at publishing content.


Hi, just wanted to let my blog followers know, as full disclosure: My new place of employment has The Pokemon Company International as a client. I never write about Pokemon and don't really care for it. But better safe than sorry. Thank you~.


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Disclosure: The Pokemon Company International is a client of my current place of employment.