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Occam Thoughts: Stuff and things

-Playing Alan Wake. Near the end. It would be a lot scarier if the game didn�t do a slow motion cut scene every time a shadow zombie showed up. Also, I watched a Verizon Wireless commercial in the game. This scared me more than the darkness. Still, neat game and the episode format is kinda awesome.

-Playing online is kinda fun. Big thanks for garethxxgod to stumbling through Left 4 Dead with me and making me actually want to try playing online again. I even bought a 3 month gold account membership to see if I can't get more into shooting things online with other people. Now I have to get Borderlands and Gears of War 2 so I can partake in other games that I am mediocre at.

-I sorta wanted The Last Airbender to be good but I do get a schadenfreude mental boner reading all the shit reviews.

-I love Antiques Road Show. I watch it whenever it is on and talk mad shit about 18th century wood carvings and art deco brooches. However, the people on the show never react when they are told their stuff is worth thousands of dollars. They just go Oh wow or My word. If an appraiser told me that my Erte' statue my grandfather left me was worth $12,000 conservatively, I would start dancing. Like, pogo hopping or the Charlie Brown dance. Hell, I might do a split and that could quite literally kill me.

-In my morning wake up coffee time at work, I read a few different web sites. cnn.com is one of them. The entertainment section has been brutal lately�well, to be fair, it�s kinda always brutal. �Jacob� (the werewolf, also brother of Esau) talks about filming shirtless. Jesus wept. Ok. Was it cold? I dunno why this exists. Though if I looked that good with my shirt off I might just run around town shirtless kicking things to death and curing cancer with my nipples. However, in the grand realm of balance, there was a video of Steve Martin (aka future me) playing banjo and talking about Bonnaroo 2010 so that�s neat.

-Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD for PS3? We want it. We need it. But let�s not make this a huge thing. I don�t want a glut of HD remakes when I still own the originals. Ratchet and Clank HD remakes? Ok but if I own the originals and those no extra content, why would I buy them? This could be an annoying trend. I am, like in all things, cautiously optimistic.

-Anyone else notice the sigil made of fetal blood that kept Madonna young and relevant all these years is beginning to fade and she is starting to decompose in front of us? Seriously, she looks like Gollum now.

Because I am a material girl...

-I�m sure most of you have heard of Metal Wolf Chaos but for those of you who haven�t, hear ya go. This has been on my mind a bit lately because well, there is an intrinsic joy to this. I dream of a day this somehow gets released in the states.

-Ever want to know what I dream about? This is it.

-The Nickelback dlc for Rock Band makes me angry. Very, very angry. I can accept, embrace, or at the very least tolerate most kinds of music but Nickelback (and by association Creed) is unacceptable to me.

-I read a lot of comics. They are better than books because there�s words andpictures. I would like to humbly offer up some suggestions on things to read. All of these are available in graphic novel form at your local comic shop/internet or if you are patient and/or poor, maybe even your local library.

Crossed - Garth Ennis tells you a quaint tale of soul crushing survival in a world gone to shit.

The Unwritten - It's like Harry Potter but more adult and better.

Stray Bullets - Every time I have read this book I feel guilty and soiled. /endorsement

Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol - One part Kurt Vonnegut, one part William Burroughs and one part Lisa Frank.

The Goon - Pulp zombie goodness. It's got a lot of heart and just keeps getting better.

-They got rid of the Gamefly kiosk at my work. It almost seems like a dream now. I got free rental coupons and could try out all sorts of neat games that I otherwise would never have played. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Anywho, three day weekend for all the 9-5er's out there. I will be grilling chorizo stuffed squid and mushroom caps and enjoying the severe lack of work. Have a great one and be safe.

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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