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About O.M.one of us since 9:14 AM on 06.02.2011

My name is [redacted]. I�ve been a gamer for nine of the fifteen years that I�ve been (painfully) self-aware and my love of video games, my passion for video gaming and my interest in gaming culture has grown over the years.

I�m also an aspiring writer. Destructoid has allowed me to fuse my passion for gaming and my passion for writing, and so I am eternally indebted to Niero, who founded Destructoid, and all of the talented journalists and community members who have, over the years, contributed to this most excellent website.

I love my Xbox 360. I think that it�s a highly under-rated console and I scoff in the face of PC elitists because, as long as I can actually make out what is happening on-screen, I�m happy. I love my laptop -- I love my laptop dearly -- but it�s a rather delicate machine and, thus, I primarily use it for browsing the �net and playing cute indie games such as Knytt and Seiklus.

That�s me. That�s my cherished Xbox 360 and my laptop, a cold, mechanical machine very close to my warm, human heart. I�m here to write, I�m here to read, and hopefully make some friends. I�m here to hone my writing skills, express my views and opinions, represent the Scottish massive and convince everyone who hasn�t played that gem -- that utter gem of a game -- Deadly Premonition to track down a copy and, yet again, question the sanity of Japanese developers.