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Welcome to The Sunshine Blog! This blog is a happy place to return to whenever you need it on those days when you feel defeated. It's our responsibility to live our lives to the fullest, but it can be a difficult responsibility to bear on days when we aren't our strongest to take on the challenges of life.

My hope is that the Destructoid community can gather together and enjoy some uplifting vibes in an already positive space online. I've appreciated the connections I've made here and admire the connections I've seen others make with one another. We share a lot of our struggles here and I wanted to make a hub where we could share our good feelings as well.

I came up with this idea recently when I felt an unshakable feeling of despair for days or weeks on end. Life has been quite difficult for many people due to the economy and job insecurity. Events of the past year have exacerbated the hardships many of us face. One morning, I was looking at the sunrise through the backdoor of my house. The warm glow of the light reminded me that I was alive. I felt a calming peace in that moment. The golden touch of the sun's rays were truly invigorating.

Many games capture that warm and pleasing feeling. Some of my favorite gaming memories have included taking in breathtaking environments, often accompanied by equally breathtaking music. Feeling a warm or special connection to a game that brought about happy memories is invaluable. It can be quite emotional when you're moved by a game's characters, stories, music or worlds.

Those gaming moments help me remember some of the best times in my life, whether it's the joys and simplicity of childhood, happier years in decades past or strong bonds I've created with others. It's the best feeling in the world and I don't want to lose it no matter what happens in my life.

I wanted to spread those same serene feelings to the community. Music is one of the best ways to spread positivity so I'm going to end on some really warm, happy and tranquil video game music. Honorable mentions to Leslie's Theme - Final Fantasy VII Remake, Snowman - Earthbound Beginnings, and City Ruins (Rays of Light) - Nier Automata.

Please feel free to return to this blog whenever you need it and spread some happy gaming memories, feelings or music in the comments.

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