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Happy birthday to my birthday buddy FrostyFlakes and I! This will probably be my last birthday post here so have a fantastic day.


I've been away the last couple months, but Celica gave me the heads up about the current situation so I wanted to thank-you guys for the eight or so years I've spent here lurking or posting blogs. Much love to Chris and this community.


It's been bittersweet saying goodbye to the 3DS eShop, especially on the system's 12th birthday. At least I got to redownload some games/videos and take a trip down memory lane. Plus the music on the Wii U eShop was so good. It will be missed.


Happy birthday Panda! I always get excited when you like one of my comments. Me in my head: Panda noticed me! Have a great day! 😁


Since it released today, I think it's fair to announce that I got to work on the set of The Last of Us show back in 2021! I'll probably check it out later since I need to get a whole new streaming service to watch it, but I hope you guys enjoy it!


I want to thank-you guys for being so supportive as I've settled into lurking more than my earlier days. I'm still here, tossing upvotes around. Much love. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!


Happy International Ninja Day! 2022 has been a particular good year for a certain group of ninja. Also, happy birthday MeanderBot!


Have a fantastic birthday Mike! You're a truly caring person and I appreciate you being a part of the community.


Today's the cloudless day! Have a good one DTOID community.


Shout-out to my fellow birthday buddy Frosty!


Happy birthday Soulbow! You're a truly fun part of the community and I hope your day is as lovely as you. Have a happy new year DTOID and a hopefully positive 2022!


I completed my goal of writing 12 monthly blogs within a year today! Quite a few ended up on the front page and I truly appreciate it. Thanks for the great memories here and the opportunity to practice writing, DTOID community!


Happy Birthday Frosty! Happy 40th Anniversary Donkey Kong! And Happy Birthday to me! I'm so hyped that an MCU movie (Black Widow) is coming out on my birthday. Plus I posted a new blog!


So glad to see a new TMNT game! I haven't gotten into a good one since 2009's Smash-Up and their appearance in Injustice 2.


Now that E3 2021's live event has been cancelled, do you think any companies are going to join E3's virtual events even though they can stream presentations on their own?


Out of everything that could possibly be announced during the next Nintendo Direct, I'm hoping for a new 2D Metroid game the most. Fingers crossed! Honorable mentions: New Kirby game, Skyward Sword HD


This year's going to be... interesting.


Thank-you to all the healthcare & front-line workers. I'm grateful to finish 2020 alive and well knowing others haven't been as blessed. Have a happy new year DTOID and look forward to some cool blogs I have coming in 2021 (especially March)!


Since the year is coming to an end, I want to know which (non-spoiler) gaming moments brought a smile to your face. I would love to know! For me, it was definitely the dance sequence in Final Fantasy VII Remake!


Hey everyone! I hope you have a fantastic holiday break and a very Merry Christmas in this trying year.


After playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, Sephiroth slashing up heroes to One-Winged Angel is so hype!


Am I the only one who doesn't uninstall their games on PS4 after beating them? Should I do that? I'm just trying to figure out what to do if I eventually get a PS5.


Happy Birthday Cloudman Sam and Dead Moon!


I remember what Dtoid was like 4 years ago following the last election and it was heartbreaking to see. I wish you all the best in the next 24 hours and a ton of hugs. Stay safe. ❤️


Have an awesome birthday Churros!


This game is going to blow me away.


I've been getting back into writing blogs because I wanted to do something here again (I don't think my posts here add anything meaningful). It's been nice to get back on the saddle so expect some blogs over the coming months. 🙂


Well... My favorite video game character sends Mario to meet the character I wanted least in Smash. 2020 is a living nightmare!


A Yakuza movie has been announced! It could go really well or really poorly considering the tone of the games. Hopefully it's the former considering how the Sonic movie turned out. BTW, thanks for introducing me to the series DTOID community! It's rad.


Following the reveal of Monster Hunter Rise and Stories 2, would you guys like to see more third party IP receive new entries exclusively on the Switch like Sonic, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, etc. (who have done so on previous Nintendo systems)?


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