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Life Happens! or Why Nicky Austin's Been Gone For Goddamn Forever


I read a lot of shonen manga. I know this, you probably know this, everyone knows this. It's my main jam, my bread and butter, my sweet cherry pie. I really dig it. Something that happens a lot in shonen manga is what's called a "timeskip", a little thing that happens when the story gets to a point for our protagonists that force them to go away for a while to grow and mature so when they come back, the story can continue. Most of the time when this happens, the story continues in even bigger and better ways. Goku had a couple of these in Dragonball, most notably when he went away for a while in between Dragonball and Dragonball Z and came back as a father, Naruto did this when he had to train and stuff, I don't know, I couldn't really give two dicks about Naruto, and One Piece did this when Luffy and the gang got split up and had to train so they could take on The New World, a side of the world that proved to be way bigger and more intimading than they could've ever imagined.

That's kinda what happened to me. You see, I had a kind of depressive time a little after I stopped making blog posts here, and I kinda isolated myself for a few months. It's what I do when I need to just get away. I ended up losing some friends, gaining some other long-distance ones, and more importantly, I started to get my life back together. I discovered some things about myself (I really like to think of myself as a girl, that's one notable thing. So y'know the appropriate pronouns would be cool) and I learned about what kind of people I want to keep around in my life and what kind of people I don't want to be around anymore.

All in all, my life's better now. I moved away for a year and came back to my hometown, and I've gained the confidence to head a podcasting network thing on Youtube with shows based around different topics like tokusatsu, music, manga, and of course, video games. I'll be working on that a little more, but I also have other projects I'm tending to that I don't want to completely reveal just yet. 

But yeah, also I'm coming back here! Expect the occasional blog post about dumb video games, I've got a couple already in mind, and I'll try and make more of a presence here than I did before. I understand it's a little different around here than when I was around a couple years ago but I'll adapt. 

This hasn't been the most polished form of writing I've ever done but who cares, it's a little personal post and I wanted to update anyone here that was wondering where I was. 

Thanks for listening!

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