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Zelda week: Nitpicking at Majora's Mask

Before the release of Skyward Sword, I went ahead and played through part of Majora's Mask once again. I must have played through it at least thirty times and I want to talk about the multiple sidequests that populate this wonderful game. Because really, Majora's Mask is all about getting every mask more than beating the dungeons. I want to point out specific things that annoy me. Someone who hasn't played through the game won't get the references. As wonderful as the game already is, I cannot help but cringe a little when I get to those moments. First world problems, right?

First of all :

You need to recruit all five frogs in Termina to form an orchestra. Two of which are located inside temples. Plus, you need to defeat Snowhead's boss again, so spring can come for the frog choir to be available. So basically, you are backtracking through three temples for a piece of heart. :/

[By the way, if you haven't played the game before and you're still reading, that last paragraph is funny. Recruiting frogs to form an orchestra?]

Yeah, I'm nitpicking at small things. There's dozens of other wonderful quests that I adore though. I mean, everything about Romani Ranch is gold. The couple's mask quest is very engrossing. The Zora obstacle course is perhaps my favorite. The only real complaint I have is the saving system. If I'm using my N64 cartridge, which isn't very reliable, the game tends to freeze on occasion. I can't save anytime just like all the other Zelda games. Freezing in a middle of a temple is not fun. You're going to tell me to play it on another console? Why should I succumb to logic? There's no logic here.

Before we get consumed by Skyward Sword, what's your favorite or worst Majora's Mask sidequest?
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