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It's been about 1 million years since I posted here. I don't even know if anyone remembers me but I was a Cblogger turned staffer back in the day. Tweeted a bit about the place today https://twitter.com/Wrenchfarm/status/1575568179992363009?s=20&t=EtKGEPT


Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls. (I can't stop thinking about CoH and what Titan might have been)


@Sir Shenanigans The same realization hits me with every new fighting game. Hang in there, with a lot of hard work and practice we can aspire to be "not terrible."


I don't know if anyone has told you, but Bloodborne is preeeeety damn good, everyone.


I wrote all about Heroes of the Storm today (http://www.destructoid.com/how-the-hell-did-i-become-a-moba-player--311654.phtml). Thinking of getting into it? I have codes for 2 Li Li characters and 1 Zeratul to give away to the first 3 people that want em!


I've been playing a shit ton of Heroes of the Storm recently. It's my first MOBA and I'm SHOCKED at how much fun I'm having. Anyone else into it? Would love to get some games in with Dtoiders.


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