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Edit: nevermind a friend bought it. So have a kitty.


Need help deciding. I'm gonna do another commission from the person who did the Ape Escape one. I'm thinking either Skies of Arcadia/Legends or Spyro the Dragon. My reasoning is with Spyro I can use it now and for a lot, for Skies it'd be for future stuff


3 weeks left of school. Hopefully it goes by fast. The students are being super extra and we just got back from a long weekend.


May the person who designed Lightning Tower 7's minigame in FFX-2 never have a cold side of a pillow, ever! I'm so angry and I rarely actually get angry when playing games.


I see we are back, hooray. Now to have QToid/DToid up in the background when I should be getting personal work done. XD


I work not at danger library anymore, but danger school now it seems. At least there's only 3 weeks left but still today was very dangerous on campus...


Late night manic-induced purchases are the worst. Guess I own a Sonic the Hedgehog motherboard now...


Can't believe it took me this long to finally commission someone for an Ape Escape themed Nerobot, but I absolutely love this one and how it turned out. Was between two poses and I liked this one the most.


Apparently I got a class action settlement check today. Problem is, they spelt my name wrong on the check! >.<


Fixed a New 3DS I had that was constantly scrolling and I could never figure out why. Turned out it was the C-Stick Nub, 3DS Circle Pad rocker switch, and a faulty button/power board. So thay maies 3 of 3 done, now to sell them.


What are the chances that after 5 screens I still don't have a working 3DS XL. Very high it seems. Just wanna fix this one so I can be done!


I got sick and am out of sick leave. It's the onset beginning of the illness too.


Welp, I officially quit repairing 3DSes. Too many faulty parts on the market being sold as legit. Mainly top screens.


Man I screwed myself by messing up on 5 repairs I was gonna sell. I'm so upset at myself cause now I can't even sell for a fraction of the cost. :(


Happy birthday to Zombie Burger Sponsor, and probably shareholder, Taterchimp. Keep raising money for the kids you amazing fellow!


Got my lot of Super Famicoms, and FedEx destroyed 2 of the shells which sucks.


I managed to snag a CE copy of TotK from Amazon. My bank account now weeps. That is unless Amazon cancels it for sone reason.


I am just having bad luck with screens lately. 3DS screen I ordered has a working backlight, but the actual screen doesn't work.


Tried fixing my sister's laptop screen. Screen I ordered turned out to be defective. Sadness.


Saw the chair anime movie with friends. Liked it.


Cat somehow managed to hunt a opossum. Poor thing.


Sadness, wanted to be a responsible noodle and roll my old retirement funds into the new one. Can't, so it's either get cashed out with penalties or open a Roth IRA.


Opened up my first ever PS4 slim to clean. Was for my cousin's boyfriend. Single dirtiest console I have ever cleaned.


Can today be over already? Work is stinking cause the kids are being butts. :P


Hooray, danger library finally sent the forms for my retirement account separation. Now to hope that SDSU gets back to me in time.


I ended up taking the plunge on my first console lot. 5 Super Famicoms, 2 PS2 slims. Gonna try repairing or seeing how many work. Wish me luck.


So I found out what CPU pins I messed up on. They were pins 68 and 69 (not NICE in this case). Gonna try grinding away and doing trace repair, but these are super tiny so it may be a lost cause, but I've nothing to lose so.


Tried doing another GBA motherboard solder job. Just when I thoight it went right a catastrophic failure occurred at some point so I basically screwed the board. Sadness. There is one chance, but it will be difficult.


Happy birthday to Occams, thanks for helping make this place feel so welcoming and safe!


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