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What Exactly Has Jim Sterling Been Eating? Not Much Apparently..

As many of you have seen, Jim Sterling did not write a stellar review for Pancakes on Twittertoid, one of his posts on Destructoid even read:

"Man these pancakes are terrible, they do not even taste like pan or cakes this is bullocks. I'm sick of this S*** F*** C*** D****** P**"

SFCDP indeed Jim. SFCDP indeed... The fact of the matter is Jim wrote all over the wall of a nearby public rest roorm in Denny's about how he was entitled to his fact, which is what his review of their pancakes essentially were. That fact may have quite possibly been tainted thanks to revealing photos taken at the Denny's in question. Please enjoy xzibit A below:

Now not all pancakes must been completely eaten but a food like pncakes, which are so tasty cannot be reviewed unless it�s completed. If you think that�s bad, it doesn�t end there folks. Upon further investigation there are many more questionable foods that are now popping up.

Now, one can look at this and say �wait a minute, maybe he ate before he went to Denny's� and while you may be correct on behalf of the pancakes review, how about explaining what happened to, oh I dunno, maybe his review of sugar stars. I�m pretty sure sugar stars are small enough for you to eat all of them in one go. And wouldn�t you know it he still left half a bag:

Now, as far as actually eating Sugar Stars, I gave him the benefit of the doubt assuming that it could of been eaten in another bag but alas, come to find out, Jim didn't even touch is Waffles:

For shame Jim.. for shame...

God those guys are Duelshocks are fucking retarded
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