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Dtoid Swag + Mother 3 Swag Dual Blog

This is a post I''ve been meaning to do for a while, first a little explanation: When Scary Womanizing Pig Mask won the swag bag on one of the Podtoids a few episodes ago, he decided to have it sent to me, which I greatly appreciate and thanked him for, even when I asked him and said I would send him anything he wanted when I got it he said "No just keep it". (Not quite in those words probably).

From Top Left: Dtoid Sticker, Dtoid Patch, Dtoid Pin, Mother 3 Guide Book, Dtoid Condom, Hand Drawn Mother 3 picture of the Princess by Mat, Starmen.net sticker (at least I think it's a sticker, I'm afraid to try and pull it off).

Close up of the epic hand drawn picture (keep in mind these pictures were taken with my sisters shitty camera phone)

Top: Part of the a CDV lanyard that also came with the Destructoid Swag bag
Bottom: Close up of the lightning bolt key chain that came with the Mother 3 handbook.

An "Also Cocks" shirt also came with the Dtoid swag, however I couldn't find it anywhere

Thanks Scary Womanizing Pig Mask, Destructoid, and Fangamer <3
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