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Anybody seen my World's Smallest Violin? I got a song to play for these finance bros.


Current status; chilling at my parents this long weekend to look after my mom while my dad is at work. She just had foot surgery and needs someone to give her her meds and make food. Also watching Who's Line is it Anyway. Is good times. How are you guys?


Hey so if I took a large portable power source, attached it to a log then used that to break down your entrance.... Would that be a Battery Ram?


Note to self; Brushing teeth after eating mini wheats is THE WORST.


Aw man, Monster Hunter Stories 2 has its hooks in me. It's like the "How to Train Your Dragon" experience I didn't realize I wanted.


It was hot today so I decided to get a slushy.


Man I'm freaking beat today. Tried to play something after work but I'm too tiiiiiired. Guess I'll go into my comfy covers and #sleepytoid away.


I just found out that Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines's fan patch just had an update LAST MONTH.


Beat Little Nightmares 2 this weekend. Was great, but FUCK that hospital level in particular. I WAS NOT OKAY!!


I thought this was pretty humerus


I don't have any pets so have pet memes instead.


Hmmm, I may have accidentally been a jerk this morning. Elaboration in comments.


Stanley Parable Hyper Deluxe knows what's up.


Here's my #selfietoid. Currently waiting out my covid symptoms to stop so I can go work. Also playing Stanley Parable Hyper Deluxe!! Er it's in the comments because I'm a DUMMY!!


I would join #selfietoid but I'm still home with covid and probably look terrible. So unless you guys wanna see that, have a fun picture in the meantime.


Got The Great Ace Attorney on switch today. Still on episode 1 but HOLY MOLY this case is going crazy for what U expected to be the standard tutorial case. Also I love Ryo's little baby table slaps.


I have a hot take confession you guys. One that can't be hidden by a spoiler tag. I.....ENJOY videogames. Playing them, watching them, listening to them. I LIKE IT ALL!!


I'm like 99% sure I have covid right now. My home tests keep saying negative but we just had an outbreak at work and I feel literally awful. Hopefully I can get some sort of financial assistance because I've missed pretty much all week of work. Sucks.


Beat Tiny Tina's Wonderlands a few days ago and I think it's really solid! Also am a fan of the Chaos Mode endgame. It's perfect for quick bite-size runs when you just want to loot/shoot when you don't/can't invest alot of time into something.


Who wants more No Mans Sky?? I do I do!


Decided to pre-purchase that switch version of Nobody Saves the World since everyone talks so highly of it. Looking forward to the 14th!


Elden Ring log, stardate something; Made a new character with the intention of a str/faith build. Started as Wretched and so far have just been leveling str and vigor. Found the large club and it is now my god.


Urge...to restart Elden Ring from the beginning with a str/faith build.... rising...Update; DID IT. Also started as wretched.


Soooo started playing Hades again. Heen awhile so I'm super rusty. Trying to complete a regular run with the shield, any tips I might've forgotten about?


Time to go home, make food and watch Markiplier in Space!


Alright, grabbed Etrian Odyssey Nexus, Stella Glow, Devil Survivor 2 and Persona Q2 in that 3ds sale. Probably going to start either Nexus or Stella Glow.


Why did none of you tell me this existed!? I gotta find a copy now.


If anyone was curious what I ended up playing for my sick day today, I ended up resting most of the day then ended with enough strength to head to the living room and ended up playing more Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.


Gimme ideas for a switch game to play while I'm sick and in bed today. Preferably something not to mentally demanding.


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