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I don't know about you guys, but I'm real into that detective jrpg Level 5 is doing.


Thought, would spaghetti be a soup, salad or a sandwich?


Have a work bathroom selfie of me before I get my hair cut this weekend!


Morning dtoid. I just gotta survive 2 more days till payday, but otherwise I'm doing good I guess. Been a bit too tired to put any real effort in games this week, so I've just been doing side stuff in Dying Light 2. Might get the Grim Dawn dlc on Friday.


I think the next 2 games I'll work on from my half-completed backlog will be Dying Light 2 and Monster Hunter Stories 2. I know if I keep procrastinating on XBC3 all the dlc will be out!


Alright, just beat Strangers of Paradise, now to do the dlc!


Alright so therapy is really expensive. I was going to keep going for BetterHelp but the price I thought was monthly is actually WEEKLY. So that's fun. Will hopefully find a affordable one.


Current brain status as I force myself to head to work.


Now that I have a steam deck (ie. a not shitty portable computer) i can finally TRULY work on my backlog. Am excite!


Now it's time for thale game some people were waiting for... WHAT'S! IN! THE! BOOOOOOOOX!?


Uuuugh, RIGHT before I go to bed last night, my roommate calls me from the bathroom saying he needs some help. Turns out his nise started bleeding out of nowhere and wouldn't stop. We ended up getting a ride to the hospital only for it....(cont.)


Messed around in the new Hitman Freelancer mode for a few hours before bed. Pretty much what I wanted out of it so far, but MAN I suck right now. My assassin skills have gotten super rusty, but I do love how this is getting me to try different items.


I'm apparently getting a certain special something in the mail tomorrow. Anyone got guesses as to what it is? Pic not related.


Holy crap, I'm soooooo irritated for some reason today. Gimme wholesome memes to get me through the rest of the day.


I feel like this fortune cookie I just had has the equivalent of the "Go. Do a crime." meme on its fortune slip.


Just remembered that the new Hitman roguelike mode comes out this week!


I keep going back to Strangers of Paradise and being baffled that I haven't been playing this all the time. It's sooooooo good. Damn those Master Tonberries though, those things have probably given me the most deaths.


Oh joy, roommate/friend just lost his main job (he still has a small part-time job) so now I'm the only one who's making a decent paycheck. Guess I'm not buying any new games or stuff for awhile just in case.


Reminder that Batman Brave and the Bold is awesome and also weirdly enough had some great musical moments. Like this one that didn't air on tv for some weird reason!


Dtoid what should I play when I get home...Warframe, Dying Light 2, Chorus or Shovel Knight Dig?


Saw this preview for Sons of the Forest and JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW.


Was just thinking randomly what I'd consider to be one of my favorite animes, and honestly it's probably Mushishi. It's such a chill show, though sometimes a bit dark. The mushi are such weird interesting creatures and for a great dark fairy tale vibe


Going to sign up for therapy. My depression has been bad again and I'm missing too much work. Going to try online because it's currently hard to leave the house.


Decided to finally try out Chorus, which I had grabbed months ago on sale. I am immediately hooked, it's like if a space ship shooter was kinda like an action/adventure game? Also once I got a few abilities combat because so damn awesome.


Man I swear, ever since I had covid back in April I feel like I'm just getting cold/flus more often and they last longer. It sucks amd it's really annoying. Have an unrelated pic btw.


2nd game I beat this year is The Chant. Overall a solid 7/10 budget horror. Has some neat ideas that in hindsight I wish were implemented more but it was overall good and kept me invested and wanting to play till the end.


Following up my previous post, I think the top 3 action game from 2022 I played were in order; 1. Soulstice, 2. Evil West and 3. Bayonetta 3 in that order.


In hindsight, I think Soulstice was the best action game I played last year. More so even then Bayo 3 even. Was just a solid experience from beginning to end.


I was REAAAAAALLLLY liking Evil West until I think I hit a progress blocking glitch. I'll just go back to some previous levels in the meantime for missed chests and hopefully restating that one level fixes the bug. UPDATE: Am dumb, is all good now.


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