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E3 2015


After seeing some of the information coming out of E3, I really want to get my Wii U gamepad fixed. Last I looked online, it was going to cost something like $100 to have it repaired. Which is insane. That’s a little less than half the cost of the entire system. Ugh. It’s been in ruins since before Christmas, when I lived in my apartment. Our in-all-other-ways awesome dog Noli chewed the dickens out of it when I was out. She also tore my Lord of the Rings Extended Edition bluray set to shreds.


I was very angry.


Luckily, I had already purchased a Pro Controller, so I can still play most of my games. Can’t co-op Hyrule Warriors, which is a bummer. I just haven’t had the money to get the bloody thing fixed.


I didn’t buy anything during the Steam Summer Sale, either. Nothing really appealed to me. I’m waiting for a good GTA V sale, but that one stubbornly refuses a price slash. Far Cry 4 hasn’t been discounted to my target price, either. Everything else, I either already own or don’t want. I still have a load of games to get through on both PC and Wii U.


E3 had some exciting announcements. No Man’s Sky is looking pretty incredible. When I first heard about it on the Crate and Crowbar podcast, I thought it was going to have some pretty retro graphics. Or maybe some kind of Minecrafty, super stylized graphics. I finally saw some videos of the game, and it looks totally beautiful. I’m interested to see how the developers approach the problem of players using obscenities to name new discoveries. I mean, it’s a cool idea to let players be the ones to discover and identify new planets and creatures, but we all know how mature gamers are. Which is to say, not mature at all. I really want to play the game, I’m just not thrilled to land on Cockshitpussycron IV.


I saw the trailer for the FFVII remake. Color me interested, but wary. Square Enix has kind of stumbled of late, and I can easily see them cutting out a lot of the fun weirdness and minigames from the remake. And DLCing the heck out of it. I wouldn’t put it past them to turn the entirety of the Golden Saucer into a $9.99 DLC pack. Furthermore, according to an interview, the gameplay will be updated to be more modern. I dunno, I really liked the ATB system that FFVII had. And materia is super fun to play with. Even still, us supernerds have been clamoring for an HD remake of FFVII for years, so it’s nice to finally get one.


One the Nintendo front, Splatoon looks super fun, like all Nintendo games. Star Fox is a no-question purchase. And yet another reason to get my gamepad repaired. I love Hyrule Warriors, so I’ll for sure get it when it releases on 3DS. I hope it has some kind of neat cross-platform play. I saw that a Metroid game is also coming to the 3DS, and that a bunch of people are super salty about it. They’re so angry, that they’ve started a petition to cancel it. In their defense, it does look kind of crappy, and definitely not like the Metroid games I remember. Still, petitions to cancel a major release never work.


Earthbound Beginning is on the VC now! We’ll buy that and cast the dickens out of it. Earthbound and Mother 3 are the two best 16-bit RPGs I’ve played. I actually think Earthbound is better than Chrono Trigger. Which, I’m sure, is an opinion that will earn me few friends. Playing the first game in the Earthbound/Mother series will be awesome.


Oh, and Ryu in Smash?! I fricken love Nintendo.


I didn’t really pay much attention to the other announcements, other than Xbox One is going to be backwards compatible. That might convince me to buy one, especially since our 360 doesn’t work, and Remedy’s next game, Quantum Break, is going to be Xbox One exclusive.


On the PC side, Haley is really excited for Fallout 4. and I want the new XCOM, of course. I’m surprised that it’s a PC exclusive, but I’d much rather that than something like PS4 exclusive.


I may have forgotten one or two, but those are pretty much my thoughts on the little I saw of E3 2015.   Looks like a pretty strong showing from Nintendo. I’m a loyalist, though, and will always be excited by Nintendo stuff.

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