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So, Hurricane Irma, it's coming to my country in 2 days.


I think I just found the perfect tune for my alarm. If this doesn't make me get out of bed, nothing will.


Got the D&D Starter set, now I can finally start enjoying life as it was meant to be.


I mean, Sonic Mania it's not a bad game but really I haven't enjoyed it as I thought I would. Sonic It's just not my thing...


How many games are you able play at the same time? I can only enjoy two at the same time, but even that feels like a lot to me sometimes lol.


"Gaming is about more than just what happens on the screen" - Extra Credits Video


Just upload a blog about Downwell and its controls, ready to move on to my next idea... History of Indie games! (This one is going to be quite hard).


if a game it's too hard, do you finish it?


I Ended up buying Hollow Knight, best decision of the fucking year.


I Finally finished Fez, I think is a game that you have to play with a philosophical mind...


Why didn't I checked the reviews of Mr. Shifty before buying it... WHY?


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Hi, my name is Fernando and I really like Videogames. Lately, I've been playing Indie games so you will see me talk more about them. I really don't have more to say. My Twitter is @nandobott if you want to follow me.