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Mysterious Blogs of Strange Mystery

My friend Sue posted this video on my MySpace blog, and I felt it should be shared with the rest of you. The next installment in the "Licensed Games That Don't Entirely Suck" series will be coming Monday. Since I know a lot of you are ...


God Told Me I Suck So I Started A Blog.

The internets box said that God thinks I suck! LOL! That's so funny I'm making a blog post about it! I'm a barely-legal moderately hot chick so please leave me lots of comments about what you'd like to do to me with your penis. Also,...


RIP AND TEAR! The Doom Comic Adapatation

Normally taking two of my favorite things in the world and mashing them together is a good thing. Peanut butter and chocolate, gasoline and matches, comic books and murder simulators. In the case of the 1996 comic book adaptation of id ...


Signs of the Apocalypse

When you wake up, log on to the Dtoids, and see this: ... you should probably consider getting a fucking life. Luckily I considered and rejected that option long ago, so I saved myself some time. Going to play some Mario Strikers Charg...


I'M A SHARK!!!! Jaws Unleashed released on GameTap

The Grand Theft Auto-With-A-Shark simulator has recently been unleashed (YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?) on GameTap. While I haven't had a chance to play this myself, I'm sure it's every bit as wonderful as people have been saying. Okay, ma...


That's it, I'm quitting Destructoid forever!!!

Screw you Destructoid! I'm tired of all your unprofessional shenanigans and your constant Digg cheating. I'm leaving and joining a real gamer community. If you want me, I'll be at GameFAQS. Actually, I'm leaving later today to spend a...


New Geometry Wars Trailer, With Bonus WTF!?!?

Caution: Marketing Genius at work. I'm not sure how many drugs were ingested during the planning meeting for this ad, but no matter how hard they try to dissuade me I'm still buying this game. Three blogs in less than 24 hours? This is...


Chocolate Rain on Mars? That's a new one...

I'm well aware that Chocolate Rain is already so Last Thursday, but I stumbled across this parody on Best Week Ever and had to share it with you all. For those who care, my computer is still pwned, turns out it was my motherboard that di...


New THQ Wii title, de Blob

Ign has a hand-on preview of a new exclusive Wii title name de Blob. From the looks of it, it appears to be a strange platformer mash up of Loco Roco, Katamari Damacy, and Tony Hawk's Graffiti Tag mode. It's actually based on a student ...


Geometry Wars Galaxies Video Preview

So beautiful... should have sent a poet... The 1UP Show recently had a video preview for Geometry Wars Galaxies on the Wii and DS. In it they discuss the game's new features, control schemes, and pretend to be having a casual conversatio...


Get Your Red Hot Dragon Rail Shooters Here!

Just noticed that Panzer Dragoon II Zwei has been added to GameTap. The original was one of my favorite games on the system, and the second is supposedly a much deeper prequel to the first. Can't wait to finally check this out, and ...


Talking Dinosaurs Discuss Company Fanboyism

Direct Link in case the image is broken. I'm a huge fan of Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics, and felt the urge to share this recent one with you. There's plenty more video game related comics in the archives, your best bet is to search for ...


Mxyzptlk Plushies, Thai Lady Boys, and Dragon Bears.

Yeah yeah, it's been a couple weeks since I last blogged. I've been really busy wrestling tigers in the nude while traveling in Bangladesh. And if you think "wrestling tigers in the nude while traveling in Bangladesh" is a clever euphemis...


Old Man Murray, You Are Missed

(Sorry for bumping this, but the formatting went all screwy when someone made sneaky but not unexpected edits to my post. Being the anal retentive bastard I am, I couldn't leave it alone.) NOTE: Some of the links in this blog are NSFW. ...



I just caught over at the greatest webcomic in the world featuring a talking T-Rex that there's a new site up called LOL BOTS. It's essentially LOL CATS (awesome meme but a terrible moniker), except with robots. While cats win the adorab...



There are no boobies, sorry. Okay, you can have these because I feel bad for tricking you. I don't have much to say right now; I'm in the midst of working out a blog post which will ROCK YOUR FACE (or more likely not). But I did want to ...



Hi, I'm Mxyzptlk. And it's pronounced "miks-yez-pit-lik" before you ask. You probably know me from my prolific and annoying front page comments and forum posts. I first got sucked into Destructoid right before e3 2006, when a link from K...


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