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They Call Me Spooky: The Wonderful Spookiness of They Hunger


It's amazing how much quality and detail was brought to what at the end of the day was a mod made from Half-Life. It's really shame that more people don't mention this title as it deserves so much recognition for being an excellent first person action horror title back before they became popular. Whenever my friends talk about playing Soma, Alien: Isolation or Outlast, I always think back this game and what it brought to the table.

This wasn't made to make a quick buck or come with aspirations of being the next Half-Life, it was made from a desire to create something fun and dear to the creator's heart. It was made to show the creative force that went into some of these mods at the time and the desire to do nothing else but bring their creative vision to the gaming world and have us share their vision.

There will most likely never be another They Hunger and in many ways, that's what makes this game so special. To me, this game is just as much about Halloween as any other important staple of the holiday and will remain a treasured Halloween tradition for many years to come. When I need that nostalgic itch scratched just right, They Hunger will always be there to offer me a spooky good time.

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