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the valve to end all ARGs

hey it's super late so this will probably be super short, but i did want to update with a video blog of course by now it's old news and the aftermath is still being sorted through, but if you have any interest at all in PC gaming then yo...


the sunday �uh�dition

hey youtube, thanks for finally cooperating with me! it only took some dirty editing, a second render, and two hours of uploading to get here but we did it i hope tomorrow is just as adventerous within that time, reviews were written and...


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your author's name is aaron vaughn, and right now i'm nobody special. i have half a foot inside the video games industry writing for Gaming-Age.com and a lot to say about it

i made a blog for little insights so that i don't get lazy. it might even help me get a job, if i do things right. i don't want to be the next hero, but i do want to be a regular guy with regular opinions and a realistic bullshit detector. less of a video game critic and more of an analyst, it's my self-appointed job to help prune the industry's marketing and fluff away from its true core

you know, an idealist