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Are there any games out there that have base building and army building similar to Phantom Pain? I think of Xcom but would love other examples.


This looks bad y'all. Why did they abandon their beautiful 2D sprites? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=40&v=Q1anpA7ZTvQ


Also I'm lazy and can't think of a good topic to write about. It's an excuse, I will be back soon.


Been away for awhile. Playing through both a Legend of Zelda and MGS marathon with a friend. Two of my all time favorite series ever. My life is somewhere in between Shadow Moses and Hyrule. Life is content. Life is good.


I'm dragging myself away from my PS4 long enough to say that MGS V is pretty darn awesome so far.


OH WOW. Talk about a complete about face. After slogging through the horrid beginning and slow ass swap sequence this game picked up exponentially. So far, I'm enjoying the hell out of it now. All if forgiven. Thank you based Kojima.


Let it be known that Metal Gear 2 for MXS has aged horribly and is no fun to play. In the midst of a MGS marathon, looks like I'm skipping ahead to MGS.


I have no idea what this game is about but if this isn't the best goddamn cover art ever, I don't know what is.


I'm making my radio debut tonight via WVLP! What songs will I pick? Hint: I'm nuclearrrrrrrrrr Show starts at 11 pm CT http://www.wvlp.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrkzIN2eP0U


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