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I suck at games: Where'd the fire go?


I'll be honest... I was never any good at any of the games I mentioned. Yeah, I loved Double Dribble, Base Wars, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz... hell, I also loved Mario Tennis and Mario Golf. I know sweeping generalizations are bad, but to me, it seems the more we strive for ultra-realism, we're seem to leave behind fun and accessibility. There are still some of the more arcadey sports games out there, but I almost never see them. And while nowadays I can say I understand baseball more than I did 6 years ago (why, again, was a sports title for 2002 released in 2003?), that one game has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I couldn't play another baseball game again... unless Konami decides to revisit Base Wars someday with a next-gen update.

As for games about other sports? ...Honestly, if there's ever a lull in the gaming season, and the game focuses on the action rather than managing the team, I'll give it a whirl. After all, I'm not looking to manage... I'm looking to score.
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