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DAMN VOLTORB FLIP! -OR- Why We Shouldn't Have Distractions Within Distractions.

So, late to the party, as always, I finally picked up Pok�mon SoulSilver. I had the points to buy it off of Goozex new, so I said "Why not?" and indulged in an old favorite of mine. So far, it's just what I remembered... me and my team going crazy against various teams, except this time, my starter is a piece of crap (sorry, Chikorita, but it's true). And the Pok�walker's a nice touch, making me glad I spent 1600 Goozex points on a new copy of the game. (Thankfully, I only earned 600 of them. ...Ahem...)

There's just one thing that bugs me.

Voltorb Flip.

It makes me want to shoot myself, because every time I approach the Game Corner, I hear a voice in my head pretty much go "Yo, dawg, I heard you like games. So I put a game in your game so you can game while you game." (I so hate that I resorted to that.) And yet, I can't peel myself away from it.

I don't know what it is. It's a simple logic puzzle, and while I do enjoy those in my games and happily enjoy it when games let you take some time to think your way out of a situation, there's something that bugs me. Maybe it's the fact that the Game Corner is no longer a money sink where I can spend thousands of dollars on coins to immediately exchange for a TM. Maybe it's the fact that Team Rocket has taken over the radio tower, and I'm sitting there, going, "Hold on, Haunter. Just a few more rounds, and I'll be teaching you Ice Beam soon."

I guess it's just that customary immersion break where you can take your time and do whatever before you can continue on with the plot. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad on that bit, though, it it weren't for the fact that you are standing perfectly still in the Game Corner playing the same game for hours, and you'd think one of those Rockets would notice that you happen to be the very same guy who shut down their operation in Ecruteak. I mean, the game's rated E! You're not killing the guys after you whup their Pok�mon.

Really, it's probably just because I'm bitter at how long it's going to take me to get one of those TMs that I want so bad. But other than rant about it, I really don't know what to do.

...Ohh, I just got dealt a layout on Voltorb Flip where a whole row it full of nothing but those exploding critters! Thanks for making the number crunching easy!
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